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Law Enforcement Career Characteristics

A career in law enforcement can be equal parts rewarding and demanding. Not only must law enforcement professionals put themselves in harm’s way on a regular basis, they must also cope with pressure from friends and family to stay safe and return home each night. In return, law enforcement officials can enjoy strong compensation packages and the camaraderie of a unique profession.

Police officers and field agents require a combination of physical toughness and mental agility. Not only must an officer be able to subdue a suspect, they must be ready to defend themselves against potentially deadly force. Even in smaller communities, law enforcement officials must approach every routine call and traffic stop as if it could escalate into a deadly event.

Law enforcement professionals undergo comprehensive training before their first shift in the field. They learn how to manage the physical demands of their careers by integrating fitness routines into their lives. They also develop the ability to fire weapons and, in some cases, use hand-to-hand combat to protect themselves and the lives of citizens.

Prospective law enforcement officers must also possess compassion and sensitivity. Despite the peril they face, officers must remember to treat individuals with courtesy and to approach their communities with respect. Even a casual mistake can expose themselves and their agencies to significant lawsuits, while jeopardizing the outcomes of criminal cases.

Despite the significant pressure they face, most law enforcement professionals admit that they could not see themselves in any other career. If you want to put your brain and your bravery to the test, a career in law enforcement could be right for you.


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