The Best Van Life YouTube Channels to Satisfy Your Wanderlust (2024)

The term van life has become synonymous with a lifestyle that eschews the restrictions of modern-day life. No nine-to-five office jobs and no mortgages combined with complete flexibility and freedom have become extremely appealing for people especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are now full of images and videos of happy couples and solo travelers making their way around the world in souped-up vans that now double as transportation and as tiny homes.

If you are an aspiring road warrior and explorer, van life YouTube channels are great resources to learn more information about what van life is like, the costs and pricing associated with it, and the pros and cons of saying goodbye to conventionality and heading out for a life on the road. Many van lifers create useful videos showing what life is actually like for van-dwellers, whether they are slow traveling their way through the national parks of the United States or going on one heck of a road trip across continents. Some even share how to design your own van complete with showers, solar panels, and kitchens!

The videos are both inspirational and informative, but be careful—it may be hard to forget about the idea of living in a van if you have even the smallest case of wanderlust and fantasize about heading out on the open road living a minimalist lifestyle.

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Van Life YouTube Channels

Over the past decade, vlogs have become one of the most popular mediums in the world and it is not hard to see why. While Instagram feeds feature polished photos that are so heavily edited that they barely resemble the places (or people) they feature, vlogs often give a much more real-life perspective on things.

The below YouTube channels are hand-picked to help you get a good idea of what van life is like for solo travelers, couples, and families and the various things that you need to think about before setting out for a life on the road.

YouTube Channels for Solo Travelers

When you are a solo traveler, you have all the freedom you want but it does come with some unique challenges, especially if you are traveling as a single woman. There are some great YouTube channels that provide great information on how to navigate some of the challenges associated with van life including women’s hygiene, safety, showering, and build-outs.

Alexandria Tejas (aka Hobo Ahle)

What: Cars, Jeeps, and Vans

Where: United States

Alexandria Tejas is an adventure traveler who has been traveling around many of the national parks in the US. On her YouTube channel, she offers videos covering some of the most asked questions about van life including women’s safety and showering (she even has a video on how to shower in a Honda Civic!) Her style is very matter of fact and she doesn’t gloss over some of the less appealing aspects of van life, even covering how to deal with your period while you are living in a van. She does a lot of “day in the life” videos where you get to see all the mundane things that go along with living in a van. They help you think about different aspects of van life that you may not have thought of before.

She also features a wide array of outdoor activities and travel tips which is perfect if you want to hit some trails or climb some mountains while you are on the road. Since she is now traveling with her boyfriend Johnathon, you may want to go back to some of her older content if you want specific information on van life as a solo female. Otherwise, you can lay back and laugh as she explains in in-depth detail how to take a shower in various types of vehicles which is surprisingly fascinating.

Susi Cruz

What: Pink Volkswagen Van

Where: Mexico, Portugal, beach destinations

Susi Cruz is an upbeat, enthusiastic traveler who focuses on living life to the fullest. In her videos, she covers everything from mundane things like how to get your mail while living in a van and things to consider when living in a van mixed with cooking tips. She travels to a lot of beach destinations all over the world and loves to dive into the history, culture, and food of an area. Susi often posts unfiltered “day in the life” videos that give you a realistic idea of what you will encounter when you are on the road and are extremely helpful. She is definitely a bit more girly than other female van life vloggers which can be really helpful if you are looking for more practical tips on looking good while you are on the road.

Her van is also really cute and well-laid out so if you are a solo female traveler and are thinking of going your own van build-out, you may be able to draw some inspiration from her! You can also check out her perfectly placed links to other videos if you want to learn more about any particular subject she covers. She recently caught up with an old friend and is now traveling around Mexico with him but you can find some of the content regarding solo female travel in her playlists.

Jarrod Jocci

What: Various Vehicles

Where: United States

Jarrod Jocci is a content creator and comedian who decided to head out on the road in a self-built van. His goal in life is to inspire people in whatever way he can and he hopes to do this by taking you on an adventure with him. He does A LOT of DIY technical videos which show you how to do a van build. They’re extremely helpful if you are going to attempt to do your van’s build-out yourself. He also takes you on van tours so that you can see how other van lifers have designed and laid out their vans. He is great at interviewing the owners and pulling out extra information that viewers may want to know so his videos end up being extremely informative.

Like many of the other vloggers, he does “Day in the Life” videos covering a huge array of topics including everything from e-bikes, tiny home festivals, and more. He uses a drone in some of his videos which gives fantastic aerial shots of the beautiful places that he is in but are also surprisingly useful in figuring out the different places that you can sleep in and what the surroundings may be like while you head out on your own van life experience.

Christian Schaffer

What:Dodge Ram ProMaster

Where: United States

Originally an outdoor adventure photographer, Christian Schaffer is a solo female traveler cruising around the United States in a converted Dodge Ram ProMaster. She left corporate life and a two-bedroom apartment to pursue a year on the road in a Nissan Xterra. After living on the cheap for a while, she was then able to upgrade to the professionally built out ProMaster. Her videos are really crisp and clean with great imagery, which isn’t surprising for a talented photographer! She covers a lot of topics that are important to other solo travelers such as how she makes money, how she was able to save a lot of money by living in her van, how to get mail, and tips to making it long-term living in a van.

Christian also follows a clean, healthy lifestyle and you can get some great tips on cooking healthy food while living in a van. The fact that she is a bit older than some of the other van life vloggers and actually gave up the more traditional career-oriented lifestyle is great if you are also contemplating leaving a “normal” life behind to try out a way of alternative living. Who knows, it may just be the thing you need to decide whether or not van life is right for you!

YouTube Channels for Couples

Living with your partner in a space that is barely bigger than your typical suburban bathroom brings some interesting challenges along with it. If this is something that you are contemplating, it may be a good idea to watch some YouTube van life couples to see how they have handled the highs and lows of traveling around the world in everything from a camper van to a tuk-tuk.

As you can see below, many of the couples had to switch from van life to a bit more of a sedentary lifestyle when COVID hit and you can now find even more great content on things like building your own tiny, off-grid home, fixing up cabins in the woods, and more.

Eamon & Bec

What: Sprinter Van

Where: Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Iceland

As one of the most popular van life couples, the Canadian couple Eamon & Bec not only travel the world, but they are also amazing vegan cooks. They offer plenty of useful how-to videos including everything from how to take great Instagram photos to how to find safe parking spots. They are really animated with hilarious facial expressions and share the ins and outs of their lives with their followers.

After living in a van and traveling the world for years, Eamon and Bec recently bought a cabin in the woods and fixed it up. The videography in their YouTube videos is great with lots of cool shots and angles that really help you feel like you are experiencing the same things that they are.

They also put out a weekly podcast which you can find on the Eamon and Bec website along with the weekly whip up, a list of the delicious vegan recipes that they have whipped up that week. If you are really interested in pursuing van life, you can also buy a van layout and take advantage of the experience that they have gained converting three different vans to suit their needs. They currently own a chai company called Chaiwalla where they deliver authentic tea around the world.

Trent & Allie

What: Van/House

Where: 16 Countries, Mostly in Latin America

Trent & Allie are an outdoorsy American couple who spent three years gallivanting around the Americas in their converted van. When COVID hit, they made the difficult decision to leave their van behind in Argentina and flew back to the US to wait it out. Like many other people, they decided to make some life changes as the months of travel bans continued to drag on. They decided to build their own mountain home and you can now follow along as they do the demolition, rebuilds, and renovations. They post a lot of videos covering everything that you need to know about building your own house and it is easy to see how some of these skills proved to be very useful when they were building out their van.

Although they are no longer on the road (at least for now), you can still find a lot of their van life content on their YouTube channels which is divided into country-based playlists making it easy to find information on a particular country that you want to go to. It is more of a travel YouTube channel than a van life one and while it does not include as much of the technical information as some of the other channels do, it is great for hashing out your travel plans and learning more about van life in other parts of the world. On their website, you can buy a 3D layout of their van dimensions or a cookbook showcasing 28 of their favorite recipes.

Kinging It

What: Various Vehicles

Where: All around the world

Craig and Aimee, a vivacious and lively Welsh couple behind Kinging It will take you on an adventure around the world and keep you laughing as they go. They met randomly at a nightclub in Wales right before James headed out on an around-the-world trip. At the time, Aimee was fighting a battle against cancer and they spent months falling in love over emails, and texts. When Aimee was finally given the all-clear, she joined James for a month-long trip in Australia. Unfortunately, Craig had an accident a few months later in New Zealand and broke his neck which thankfully, he was able to recover from.

Today, they are committed to living life to the fullest and their zest for life is apparent in their videos. Like Trent & Allie, they cover a lot of great travel information that makes you want to just pack your bags and head out. They are well known for some of their wild adventures. This couple has done some crazy stuff like taking part in the Mongol Rally and driving a tuk-tuk across India. Kinging It is a great channel if you want to have a big laugh and learn a bit about some fascinating events around the world.

The Vandersons

What: Dodge Ram ProMaster

Where: The Americas

Danny and Emily of The Vandersons are originally from the United States and are currently traveling through the Americas with their adorable pets Sombrita and Graham, a mutt that they adopted in Mexico, and a cat named Graham that likes to join them for hikes, in a brightly colored Dodge Ram ProMaster. Danny is a BMX rider and app developer and his job helps them fund their life on the road. They bought a van and began heading south hoping to get from Seattle to Argentina in their van. They have been on the road for about two years and have just made it to South America after slow traveling through Central America.

Danny and Emily take you to places that no one ever goes, giving you an insider’s view of truly off the beaten path destinations which is awesome if you plan on heading to Central America (or are even slightly interested in it) and want to fully experience the culture, hospitality, and beauty of this amazing region. They give really, really helpful information about traveling through the Americas, especially border crossings which can be a bit tricky when you have your own van and are transporting animals. This is a great travel/van life channel if you plan on spending a lot of time in Latin America and there will probably be even more great content coming up.

The Indie Projects

What: Sprinter Van

Where: Portugal, United States

Theo and Bree are the British couple behind the Indie Projects. They traveled the world in a converted Sprinter van along with their cat, Ginjey Bear half a decade before COVID stopped them in their tracks and ruined their plans for traveling the US and Canada in their van. Like many other van lifers, they decided to use the time to work on another passion project. They are currently converting a stone barn in Portugal into a tiny home so you join them as they go on their next adventure!

Although they had to give up van life for a while, you can still take advantage of all of their great content if you want to learn more about van life. On their channel, they have a lot of interesting videos on the pros and cons of different vans, in-depth looks on how to do a van conversion, and even how they dealt with the pandemic lockdown while living in a van. They also have a section of tiny home tours which are a great way to find new ideas on how to make the best use of your space.

Mr. and Mrs. Adventure

What: Sprinter Van

Where: United States, Canada, Iceland, United Kingdom

Brittany & Drew, the couple behind Mr. And Mrs. Adventure, take followers on an adventure as they search for new experiences around the world. They both left their 9-5 jobs and have been digital nomads for the past seven years including a 2.5 year-long “honeymoon” around North Africa and Europe. So far, they have been to 38 countries, 49 states, and 40 national parks.

Their videos mainly focus on their traveling adventures combined with a bit of van life thrown in (there is a video where they attempted to live in a minivan in case you want to check it out) and they travel everywhere from the major cities in Europe to the stunning landscapes of North America. While they don’t have as many followers as some of the other van life couples at times, they have a great up-and-coming channel to watch. The camera and editing work is very good and you can see some great drone videos showcasing the stunning places that they visit.

YouTube Channels for Families

While traveling as a couple can bring its own unique challenges, traveling as a family is a whole ‘nother ball game. From worrying about kids’ physical development to their education, van life families bring a whole new perspective on the alternative lifestyle possibilities for people with kids. The families below produce great content showing their lives and providing a unique insight into life on the road. As a bonus, many give some great hacks as to how to survive traveling the world with little kiddos in tow!

40 Hours of Freedom

What: Sprinter Van

Where: United States, Canada

On 40 Hours of Freedom, Sarah & Alex James take viewers through the life of a van life couple. They converted two of their own vans and traveled through the United States and Canada before finally settling in Boise, Idaho where they now have their own custom van conversion shop and starting a family. They have now converted more than a dozen vans and are a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about van life.

Although they don’t post a lot of content about living van life as a family, they are a great resource for pretty much everything else that you need to know. Their videos are very straight forward and they give a no holds barred account of what life in a van is really like including tips on surviving van life while you are on your period and even how to get intimate with your partner when you live in a van.

Sarah and Alex have an extremely helpful vlog about the best van conversions showing you how to design your own layout and what things you need to consider while you are coming up with your new dream home on wheels. There is also a series on van life essentials telling you what items that they can’t live without and even giving you Amazon links where you can pick up the items without having to search around online for the specific model.

Jinti Fell

What: Ford Transit Van, Converted School Bus

Where: Southeast Asia, Australia

Jinti Fell covers the journey of one Australian family of four as they make their way around the world in their converted school bus. In their videos, Chris and Ayana discuss the benefits that travel has on the development of young children and really help break down the idea that having kids means giving up the nomadic lifestyle. They provide really helpful content for anyone with kids including rain day routines, celebrating birthdays while living on a bus, and even home birth stories in an off-grid house. There is even a video where Ayana discusses being pregnant with her second child while living on a bus.

In their videos, they often make use of drone footage, which again is great for viewers as it gives you a new perspective on the types of different environments that you can live your own van life in. If you have kids or are contemplating having children but still want to make van life a reality, their channel is incredibly inspiring and it really shows the positive impacts that their alternative lifestyle has on their family. If that’s not enough to make you start watching, the added bonus is that their kids are adorable!

Flying the Nest

What: Sprinter Van

Where: Around the World

Flying the Nest documents the lives of Australian family Stephen, Jess, and Hunter, a family traveling full-time around the world in their van. On their channel, they have a great travel series where they give great tips on destinations around the world including where to go, what to see, do, and eat, and where to sleep.

This family started off traveling off as a couple focusing on building their blog before starting their YouTube channel. Stephen and Jess had their daughter at the start of 2020 and then headed back to Australia when COVID hit. They are now driving their converted Sprinter van all over Australia as a family.

Stephen is an incredibly good filmmaker and videographer so their videos are amazing and Jess always takes things in stride making her an inspiration for other wanna-be van moms. Another thing that is really neat about this couple is that they have to make it on YouTube content for so long that you see how they were as a new couple and then as a married couple and now as a family. It shows how relationships can develop and change over the course of time while you’re chasing your dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be. If you want to read more about this interesting family, you can also check out their blog.

YouTube Channels for Everyone

One of the great things about van life is that it’s not just for millennials; anyone and everyone can experience this interesting, alternative lifestyle. There are a number of YouTube channels where you can find more information on people who have traded in their traditional life and started a new life on their own terms. The channels below showcase individuals who have carved a new path for themselves but aren’t necessarily bloggers or vloggers. Their videos give viewers a quick glimpse into their lives highlighting the wide range of people who are now part of the van life community.


Created by Dylan Magaster, FLORB shares the stories of people who have chosen an alternative lifestyle focusing on minimalism. Magaster is currently living on a boat after having spent two years living in a van and before that, backpacking through South America.

Rather than just being a channel, FLORB has grown into a production company which isn’t very surprising. Magaster has been producing different genres of content for a while now. Before hitting it big with FLURB and had actually started nine other YouTube channels. Magaster knew that he wanted to make a career out of YouTube and travel and it seems like he finally found the winning recipe for success. Rather than focusing solely on his own experiences, FLORB features documentaries showcasing pretty much anything that is not a traditional dwelling. Besides vans, you can also find videos on tiny houses, treehouses, and even biodomes.

Magaster’s other channel, Dylan Magaster, focuses solely on all things travel. They generally delve deep into the experience of traveling rather than just getting from Point A to Point B which can be the perfect thing for someone who is trying to get into the travel mindset (which can actually be hard to do!) and looking for the perfect influencer to help them do it or for travel enthusiasts who are currently grounded.


CheapRVLiving was created to promote “nomadic tribalism in a car, RV, or van.” Bob Wells, the man behind the channel, has served as an inspiration for the van lifers community and was the founder of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, a gathering which has been called the “Burning Man of Retirees.” He is one of the most well-known van dwellers in the world and he even starred as himself in the movie Nomadland which tells the story of a 60-something-year-old woman who becomes a van-dweller after losing everything during a recession.

With his long white beard and jovial personality, Wells is proof that van life isn’t just for millennials. His channel offers how-to videos including great build-out and van life hacks, as well as interviews with van-dwellers of all ages. He always gives step-by-step plans on how to get started and make your dream a reality. In his videos, he comes across as being the grandpa that we all wish that we had and this is a fantastic channel to watch if you are a bit on the fence about van life and need a little push in the right direction.

Tiny Home Tours

If you (like many of us!) are fascinated by tiny homes, Van Talk is for you. This wonderful channel takes you through tiny homes around the world. There are an endless array of homes made out of everything you can think of. The homes are owned by people of all ages and walks of life showing that this minimalistic lifestyle is open for anyone who truly wants it. Besides their YouTube channel, they also have a Tiny Home Tours website and podcast, where you can find great advice from fellow van dwellers and tiny homeowners.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! We hope that you have found this list as inspiring as we did while putting it together and wish you all the best on your journey, wherever it takes you!

By the way, if you want to know more information on working remotely while on the road, check out our guide to becoming a digital nomad and working remotely.

If you are about ready to hit the road on a trial run, don’t forget to check out our guide to planning an RV vacation. This gives great tips on getting started, where to rent RVs and vans, and other essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good YouTube channels for van life?

These van life YouTube channels include some terrific options, including channels for solo travelers, couples, families. Find info on Eamon & Bec, Trent & Allie, Tiny Home Tours, and more!

What is van life?

Van life is basically living (and traveling!) in a converted van. There are many ways to do this and you can learn more on some of these wonderfully informative van life YouTube channels.

What interesting ways can I explore cities while living van life?

Van life is a great way to explore the world around you. When you are passing through cities, why not try a fun-filled scavenger hunt? Download the Let’s Roam app and make every stop an adventure!

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The Best Van Life YouTube Channels to Satisfy Your Wanderlust (2024)


What happened to Chad DeRosa? ›

With work taking him around the world, he found satisfaction in not being tied to a foundation. The flexibility that was a means to pursue his passions eventually became a passion in itself, and DeRosa has now lived in his van full time since 2018.

What's the best van to live in? ›

Mercedes Sprinter is considered to be one of the best vans to travel and live in. The high top, extra long-wheelbase vans are especially popular among van conversions. Because they provide you with more space. You can have a snug, a shower and a fixed bed in such a van and still have enough space to move around.

Why are people quitting Vanlife? ›

Decision Fatigue Takes Its Toll:

Living on the road requires constant decision-making – where to park for the night, when to move on, and how to manage limited resources efficiently. The romanticized idea of spontaneous adventure can give way to the exhaustion of perpetual decision fatigue.

Who is the lady who lives in a van? ›

It was written by Bennett, and it tells the (mostly) true story of his interactions with Mary Shepherd, an elderly woman who lived in a dilapidated van on his driveway in north London for 15 years. He had previously published the story as a 1989 essay, 1990 book, 1999 stage play, and 2009 radio play on BBC Radio 4.

Is Van Life worth it? ›

One of the best things about living in a van full-time is the lack of rent or mortgage and utilities that must be paid. These costs add up significantly each month. In a van, you do not need to pay a monthly fee for electricity, heat, air conditioning, or trash service.

How much money should you have to live in a van? ›

Spoiler alert: the answer is it depends. But for those looking for a ballpark figure, it can be as little as $800/month, though it's not uncommon for a more extravagant van lifer to spend $3000+/month. The good news is that when you own your van, you eliminate some of life's biggest expenses: housing.

Is it cheaper to live in Van Life? ›

In general, living in a camper van can be more affordable than renting or buying a home, as there are lower costs associated with utilities, maintenance, and property taxes. However, this can also depend on how often the camper van needs to be serviced, and the cost of fuel for transportation.

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