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Law Enforcement Career Information

Law enforcement professionals work hard, often in dangerous conditions, to assure the safety of the general public. As our population expands and small towns grow larger, government agencies of all sizes have invested more heavily in their work forces. Likewise, private businesses rely on experienced law enforcement professionals to keep customers and employees safe from harm.

law enforcement career

College graduates with law enforcement degrees often find jobs as police officers, investigators, or corrections agents. Modern crime fighting requires a combination of physical readiness with the ability to use the latest technology. Military veterans can put their unique skills to use in the law enforcement sector by applying their high tolerance for stress with their ability to quickly assess dangerous situations.

In the private sector, companies hire law enforcement experts to work as security guards and loss prevention personnel. Some large retailers have become famous for planting undercover operatives on their sales floors to observe potential shoplifters. Nearly every big box retail store relies on the keen eyes of experienced guards to watch banks of security monitors for unusual behavior.

Large corporations and small businesses also seek help from law enforcement professionals. With threats of identity theft and employee fraud, many former detectives and crime investigators trace suspected criminal activity on corporate campuses. Small businesses hire security consultants and freelance investigators to prevent problems.

With more colleges and universities offering degrees in law enforcement, you can often find a program that can prepare you for your home state’s rigorous certification process. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of starting a career that also benefits your entire community.


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