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Information Technology Characteristics

Information Technology (IT) can offer a very wide range of careers. Indeed, there are so many job titles that fall within the scope of IT, you may wonder how to work out if you are suited to an IT career. While different jobs will require a different mix of skills, there are some personal qualities that you should certainly possess if you wish to develop your career plan in this direction.

The first, and most obvious, is that you should be fascinated by computers and technology. Most IT these days involves computer hardware and software. If you are already into home computing, can find your way round the Internet, can do a bit of programming, or perhaps even have your own website, then these are good signs that you have the right kind of interests.

You will also need the capacity to think clearly and analytically. Whether you are working in systems analysis, computer programming, or web design, you need the ability to think through your work, to break tasks down, and to work with precision and an eye for detail. People with a strong interest in mathematics often do well in IT.

Many information technologists work in business, and so need to respond to the commercial priorities of their organization. This means having the ability (and the temperament) to direct your efforts towards efficiency, profit, and similar corporate goals. You should also have good communications and interpersonal skills as effective communication (often with non-technical colleagues) will enhance your ability to do your job effectively.


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