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Computer Programmer Career Traits and Characteristics

We all know the classic stereotype of computer programmers. They are geeks who spend eighteen hours a day staring at a monitor and tapping in code. They can’t communicate except with other geeks, and regard all time spent away from their ‘puters as time wasted. A haircut and a change of clothes wouldn’t hurt either.

Well, like all parodies, it has an element of truth. If you want to make it as a computer programmer you will need to be a computer enthusiast, big time. But if you are planning to get a job where people pay you money to program, there is a lot more to it.

As well as having the right kind of brain to deal with the abstraction of computer languages, you will need good problem-solving skills, discipline, methodical working methods, and the ability to meet deadlines. You may also work as part of a team and require good human communication skills.

If you are a diehard rugged individualist, all this may not suit you. But if you are working in an organization, you will need to be able to respond to commercial priorities. That means reliable, organized working methods. Ask any engineer-turned-executive (Bill Gates, for example).

A great way to combine developing your computer skills and getting an education generally is to earn a college degree in computer programming. Employers really appreciate programmers with a college degree. The combination of learning advanced computer science and the getting-your-act-together side effects of a college program will make you very attractive to them. You can still be a rugged individualist in your spare time, after all.


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