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Few career paths have changed as much as advertising over the past twenty years. Once content to simply spread brand names around the country, advertising executives must now use every skill possible to tell stories about products and services. Not only must they help their clients grow their business, they must do so in the most effective and least expensive ways possible. Despite these challenges, advertising can offer you an exciting, creative, and rewarding career.

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Broadcast advertising specialists work with television and radio stations to communicate their clients’ messages in chunks of thirty or sixty seconds. A generation ago, advertisers relied on these mass media outlets to reach giant audiences. Today’s broadcast landscape looks much different. Therefore, advertising executives must understand which shows and events to sponsor in order to reach exactly the right audience for their projects.

Print advertising experts use newspapers and magazines to tell different kinds of stories for their clients. Instead of the “hit and run” approach of broadcast advertising, a print ad can take a slower approach. Advertising a product or service could take the form of a long sales letter in a targeted magazine. Or, it can take the form of repeated logo placement in national newspapers. Print advertising executives work in tandem with colleagues to support a client’s agenda across all media.

Internet advertising combines the flash of broadcast with the depth of print. With this powerful new medium to work with, even experienced advertising professionals require additional training. With the right education, you can start your own compelling career in advertising.


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