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Emily, or Zoe if you’re on her discord, is a Conan Exiles guide contributor and long-term fan. She’s been raiding bases since its release, mixing in some Rust, Archeage, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, Don’t Starve, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Video games have been a core aspect of her life since she was a child with an N64. When she needs a break, she’ll switch genres and start a new kind of adventure, though survival games have always been a favorite.

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Table of Contents

  • TL:DR: The Vanilla Map
  • My Experience With Locations in Conan Exiles
  • The Broken Highway
  • The Southern River (Noob River)
    • Just Keep Swimming
    • Hanuman's Grotto
    • Cavern of Fiends
    • Gallaman's Tomb
  • Desert
    • Sandstorms
    • The Den
    • The Summoning Place
    • The Black Galleon
    • Sinner's Refuge
    • Sepermeru
  • Jungle
    • Jungle Horses: The Best Foal Location
    • Buccaneer Bay
    • The Passage
    • Forgotten City of Xel-Ha
  • Savannah
    • Swagger Rock
  • The Highlands
    • Let Me In!
    • New Asagarth
    • Telith's Island
    • Trapper's Cabin
  • Swamp/Tundra
    • Mounds of the Dead
    • The Barrow King
    • Circle of Swords
  • The Frozen North
    • Brr, Chilly
    • The Temple of Frost
  • The Unnamed City
    • Corruption and You
    • The Dawn Gate
    • The Dregs
  • The Volcano
    • Extreme Heat
    • Road of the Righteous (and Road of the Pilgrim)
    • Well of Skelos
  • Location Hopping: XP Farming Tactic
  • Teleporting
  • Location, Location, Location!
  • Location FAQ
    • Question: Can I teleport in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: Is there a city in Conan Exiles?
    • Question: What is the hardest location in Conan Exiles?

Going into the Conan Exiles map blind is a bit like wandering into a minefield without a metal detector. It’s not that it can’t be done; it’s only that there’s a significant chance you’ll lose a limb or two. A fully explored map is one of the most valuable assets your character can obtain. Knowing what’s out there will give you a leg up in this department and hopefully prevent you from entering a location that is too difficult for your level or equipment.

There are some biomes that are completely unhospitable and others where danger can be avoided. While you can always try to run back and retrieve your gear, there are some locations where this would be nearly impossible before it despawns. When exploring a new location, the best course of action is a little research and a lot of caution. It’s good advice, but some of us would rather have a few extra corpse runs than follow it.

TL:DR: The Vanilla Map

The current Map of the Exiled Lands is rather large for a survival game. While it was originally only the desert area and some dungeons, it now consists of ten distinguished biomes. These biomes are not defined by Funcom, but the player base has named them so that they can be used to navigate the large map. Each biome contains several locations, and each location gives experience when discovered.

The biomes get progressively more difficult as you head deeper into the map, though not as uniformly as some games. Within these biomes are locations of interest, and there is nothing stopping you from sprinting directly to them, even in the early game. The locations of interest are varied and can include great farming zones, dungeons, towns, and lore nodes.

Additionally, the locations of interest, especially the dungeons, can be far more difficult than their surrounding biome. The biomes in this article are listed in order of relative difficulty, though you will find high-level content in each.

My Experience With Locations in Conan Exiles

While I originally played Conan before the Exiled Lands were complete, I never really got around to exploring the whole map. The game was difficult and crowded on a PvP server, and it was barely all I could do to have a little hut, some leather armor, and an iron sword.

When the new zones were added, I set out with a close friend to explore the whole thing. We were both at a low level with hardly any gear, and it went about as terribly as you can imagine. We accidentally triggered the witch queen and could not escape, we fell into lava flows at the volcano and screamed to death, and we froze to death rather quickly in the Frozen North.

When we finally crawled back to our base camp, we had lost everything we had taken with us or had gathered along the way. At first, this was pretty disappointing, but then we noticed our level/experience bars. We had discovered what PvP players had already known. Exploring is one of the fastest ways to level in the game, even if you don’t make it back with much at all.

The Broken Highway

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (3)
  • Recommended Level: 0
  • Common Enemies: none
  • Common Items: fiber, sticks, stones
  • Important Locations to Note: Giant-King Lorestone

The Broken Highway is a long stretch of rubble where every new character must start their journey in the Exiled Lands. There are six different spawn locations along the highway, and each has a waterskin to help players survive until they find the southern river. The first Giant-King Lorestone is also located in this area.

The Broken Highway is the only place on the map that is not dangerous, even though it may not appear that way at first. There are no hostile NPCs or hazardous temperatures.

There are branches, stones, and plants to collect fo fiber. These will be your very first ingredients. To escape the broken highway, follow it east and north until you can see greenery. Beware, this next zone has hostile creatures.

The Southern River (Noob River)

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (4)
  • Recommended Level: 0-20
  • Common enemies: imps, alligators, shalebacks, hyenas, tier 1 NPCs
  • Common items: stone, wood, yellow lotus flower, water
  • Important Locations to Note: Hanumans Grotto, Cavern of Fiends, Gallaman’s Tomb

Welcome to Noob River! Much of your early game will be spent on the safety of its shores. You will get your first taste of hostile enemies and the ever-present threat of the sandstorm.You may even build your base in a location that spawns the purge, though a portion of the southern river is exempt from purge spawns. In fact, this is the only area where you can easily find places to build a base that will not spawn the purge.

Stone, wood, and water are plentiful, but it is unlikely you will find iron on its shores. The yellow lotus flower is one of the most important ingredients in the game and can be found along the southern river. Use it at an alchemy bench to reset your attribute points and feats.

There are NPCs to take and turn into thralls, though they will likely be no higher than tier 1. Crocodiles and shalebacks are perfect for farming leather, and shaleback babies are the easiest animal follower cub to find. Collect a few of the baby shalebacks for a shot at an easy early-game follower: the greater shaleback.

Just Keep Swimming

The river is considered safe because of its beginner-friendly hostile mobs. It is also considered safe because even mobs that should be able to swim in Conan Exiles will not pursue you into deep water. There are also no consequences to running out of stamina in deep water.

If you get in trouble anywhere on the river, all you need to do is dive in.

Hanuman’s Grotto

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (5)

Hanuman’s Grotto is the most important specific location in the southern river zone. Upon entering the final chamber (which will require a swim of faith), you’ll find a statue of the ape god Hanuman and a hostile follower. Kill the follower and place his heart in the chest at Hanuman’s feet. You can repeat this with any other hearts you find.

You will either receive Hanuman’s Gift, which is a potion that boosts one attribute, or an ape pet.

Cavern of Fiends

A great source of crystals as long as you can stand the imps. There is an imp king here, but there is no need to kill him if you are only here for crystals.

Gallaman’s Tomb

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (6)

Gallaman’s tomb will be your first source of brimstone and brimstone can be a difficult ingredient to keep stocked. It is much rarer to find a cave with brimstone than crystal or silk, and you’ll need plenty of it to make steel.

Gallaman’s tomb is also full of crocodiles. A massive crocodile at the back of the tomb should be avoided by beginners.


The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (7)
  • Recommended Level: 20+
  • Common enemies: hyenas, scorpions, spiders, rocknose, T2 NPCs
  • Common items: iron, coal, dry wood, stone, wood
  • Important Locations to Note: The Den, The Summoning Place, The Black Galleon, Sinner’s Refuge, Sepermaru

When you finally need iron to improve your creations, you’ll experience your first truly hostile biome. The desert is the largest biome in Conan Exiles and consists of anything in the middle of the map that is not claimed by another biome. It includes everything from beginner enemies to world bosses, and it’s very easy to travel too far north accidentally.

Venturing into this biome will give you your first taste of enemies that fight dirty. Mobs here apply debuffs that can completely cripple you or bite off so much of your health bar that you’ll have to leave the fight early. If you haven’t been paying attention to debuffs on the river, it’s probably a good time to start. Bandages stop bleeding, and food is the most efficient way to regain health after a battle is over.


Water can be scarce in the desert (makes sense, right?), so make sure you’ve at least crafted a waterskin before venturing too far north. Additionally, you may find yourself with little to no cover from sandstorms. It’s a good idea to bring enough stone building pieces to construct a small shelter. If you are level 23, you can learn to craft your first tent to ride out a surprise sandstorm.

The Den

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (8)

The Den is the capital city for were-people, called The Dogs of the Desert, in the northwestern section of the desert. While there are all sorts of fun challenges, thralls to capture, and things to learn at The Den, the main attraction are the two boss werehyenas, Claw and Rake. You’ll find these creatures at the center of the fighting pit in the middle of the camp.

Farm them for the legendary strength weapon Doom. This massive two-handed hammer has a base damage of 55, almost 50% armor penetration, applies sunder, and looks very cool.

While The Den could be considered difficult on its own, it is also the location of the entrance to the Midnight Grove. The Midnight Grove is one of the most difficult dungeons in the game but is the only place to acquire shadebloom. Shadebloom is used to make food more appealing to animals in your animal pen, giving you a higher chance of raising more powerful animal followers.

Bring some feral flesh to the Priest of Jhebbal Sag when you are ready to take a shot at the Midnight Grove. Don’t forget your harvesting tools and plenty of health items.

The Summoning Place

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (9)

Mind your fingers and toes. The Summoning place is the capital for Conan Exile’s resident cannibals, The Darfari. The Summoning Place is a nice place to farm thralls, and if you look hard enough, has several emotes to learn and lore nodes to uncover.

Though this may be subjective, I think the most important discovery that The Summoning Place has to offer is not one but two cooking feats. Specialist Cooking I and VI can be found next to the dancer at the back left of the settlement.

The Black Galleon

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (10)

The Black Galleon is a stranded ship city in the middle of the desert biome. It is the capital for the Exiled Land’s pirate faction, The Black Hand. It is a very crowded ship and is difficult to navigate without pulling swaths of angry pirates. This also makes it the best place by far to farm for T4 Named Thralls. It has the highest condensation of potential spawn points on the whole map.

If you are not yet ready to board the ship, there is a high chance of finding T4-named thralls in the main city’s encampments.

Keep your eyes peeled; you may also find a legendary weapon in one of the chests. A good sign is spotting a ghost.

Sinner’s Refuge

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (11)

Sinner’s refuge is famous for being the southernmost (easiest to access) and lowest level cave to clear that is guaranteed to contain at least one T4 Named NPC. This NPC can be captured and turned into a powerful ally. Outside of thralls captured from the purge, T4-named thralls are the highest tier you can find.

Of course, there is no guarantee what profession of thrall will be T4, but it’s a great place to farm for these hard-to-find followers. You may even consider knocking out the entire room. Some of the other NPCs are high quality and might be an upgrade for you.


The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (12)

Sepermeru is the largest city in the Exiled Lands and the capital of the Relic Hunters faction. It is also the friendliest toward the player, though that doesn’t mean that the neutral NPCs won’t attack you if they feel provoked.

Check out its alleys and taverns for merchants selling unique goods. If you happen to be in the waterside section of Sepermeru, look in the taverns there to find your old friend Conan himself. You may also find the entrance to the Wine Cellar, arguably the hardest dungeon in all of Conan Exiles.


The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (13)
  • Recommended Level: 25+
  • Common enemies: Tiger, Panther, Shoebills, Gorillas, Snakes
  • Common items: wood, water, lotus flowers, vines
  • Important locations to note: Buccaneer Bay, The Passage, Forgotten City of Xel-Ha

If you’ve died one too many times in the desert or are tired of looking at its dusty buttes and banks, you could head east to the jungle instead. Tigers will ruin your day if not prepared for bleed, but the river makes it easy to escape most threats.

The jungle is not a great place to farm iron and can be difficult to traverse. Its trees are massive and thick, so getting turned around is rather easy. The vegetation, cliffs, and rivers also make it difficult to continue in a straight line. All in all, it’s best to have a reason to be there.

Jungle Horses: The Best Foal Location

The jungle is home to the easiest and safest spot to grab foals for your stables. Once you’ve hit level 15, don’t hesitate to learn the stable feat and construct one as quickly as possible. Mounts change the entire game, making the rest of your adventuring much easier.

You should definitely not be in the jungle at level 15 unless it is to quickly grab a foal and load it into your new stable. The river is why you can get away with grabbing one at this level. By running the banks and swimming away from danger, you should have a relatively safe journey to the shores of the southern bank in K6. There are three foals that roam this island, but keep in mind how heavy they are. Best to bring a follower to carry a few.

Buccaneer Bay

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (14)

Buccaneer Bay is a collection of Black Hand establishments. There are thralls to take, emotes to learn, and merchants to buy from. Don’t worry if you’ve come up a little shy in the gold department; many of the underwater chests in Buccaneer Bay have gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, or silver coins in them.

The important merchant in Buccaneer is located in Flotsam. This merchant sells sandreaper eggs and is the only place on the map to acquire one. A sandreaper egg can be hatched into a baby sandreaper, which can be raised in your animal pen. While not exactly a cute pet, the sandreaper queen is considered by some to be the most powerful animal follower in the game.

The Passage

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (15)

Looking for a shortcut to The Frozen North? Why wouldn’t you be? The passage is a half-flooded, completely dangerous tunnel that stretches beneath the massive mountains that separate the two biomes. The passage is a dangerous cavern, but as long as you mind the sandreaper hive queen that lurks in its main hall, you should be just fine.

When the elevated path seems to end abruptly, try climbing down into the cavern and then back out on the other side. If you make it through, you’ll be dumped in the far eastern section of the Frozen North at Bin-Yakin’s seal.

Forgotten City of Xel-Ha

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (16)

As the name might suggest, this city is abandoned for the most part. The city used to be the capital of Lumeria but has recently fallen on hard times. You will find plenty of imps to slay, lotuses to pick, and ruins to explore in this old city. Only one pagoda is inhabited, and that is the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts. As is typical of Conan Exiles, these inhabitants are not friendly.

If you are on the hunt for a challenge, The entrance to the Palace of the Witchqueen dungeon can be found in the ruins of the Forgotten City of Xel-ha. This dungeon consists of a few mob fights and some environmental hazards (dodge the light beams!) but can be farmed for Lumarian armor.


The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (17)
  • Recommended level: 30+
  • Common enemies: Tiger, Lion, Rhino, Elephant
  • Common items: thick hide, bones
  • Important Locations to Note: Swagger Rock

The Savannah is a bit of a mini-biome, but as the best place to farm for thick hide, it deserves its own designation. The Savannah is a condensed African safari. It’s the only place you’ll find elephants and a great place to pick up elephant, rhino, and tiger cubs.

Bringing down an adult elephant or rhino and skinning it with your skinning knife will yield multiple thick hides. The thick hide is used to create heavy armor. Players that wish to wear heavy armor will find themselves in the Savannah often.

Rhinos and elephants are not easy animals to kill at lower levels. Fortunately for you, tigers and other humans are also on the hunt. The Savannah is a bit like a Thunderdome, so make to wait patiently for the right opportunity if you’re worried about taking on multiple enemies at once. Upgrading your skinning knife before your trip to Savannah is highly recommended. Better to pull as much off of each corpse as possible.

Swagger Rock

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (18)

If you’re willing to kill the large male lion that lounges on the outcropping of swagger rock, it’s the perfect place to set up a skinning camp for the Savannah. There’s not much else of note here, but a high vantage point and safe space in the middle of the chaos is a valuable find.

The Highlands

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (19)
  • Recommended Level: 35+
  • Common enemies: wolves, boar, bear, T3 NPCs
  • Common items: wood, raw pork, highland berries
  • Important locations to note: New Asagarth, Telith’s Island, Trapper’s Cabin

The Highlands can feel like a breath of fresh air after slogging your way through the desert for 30 levels. The rolling hills and big pines are an exciting change of pace, and you may even find a little peace until you’re run down by your first pack of wolves.

The biome is littered with several thrall camps and is the best place to hunt down your first decent additions to your war party and crafting stations. In addition, the density of the trees in the biome makes it the perfect place to farm bark or even wood. Upgrade your pick and axe before making the journey if either of these items is on your list.

Let Me In!

While there are no special environmental hazards in the Highlands, it is separated from the desert by a massive wall. This wall is difficult to climb and is littered with NPC camps. My favorite way to access the highlands is by climbing into the aqueduct on your map and running up its water channel. While this is a difficult climb, it is the most low-risk option of the lot. There are no enemies in the aqueduct.

If you’re willing to fight a little more, you’ll find a crack in the wall just to the east of Chaosmouth.

New Asagarth

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (20)

New Asagarth is the capital settlement of the Heirs of the North Faction. It’s full of all the Viking-style NPCs you’ll find littered around the rest of the zone. This is a great spot to grab thralls, and several named T4 NPCs will likely be spawned.

If you are thrall rich or prefer thrall hunting elsewhere, New Asagarth is actually the number one place to farm steel bars. Almost every NPC in the capital will drop steel bars when killed.

Telith’s Island

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (21)

Telith’s Island is located in the southernmost lake in the Highlands zone. While you will find a lore stone and some hostile NPCs on the island, it is most known as the easiest location to grab a bear cub and a great starting point to snag a wolf cub.

Both of these animal followers can turn into best-in-game pets. Wolves and bears are not necessarily easy mobs to deal with, but the surrounding lake should get you out of trouble if you get in over your head.

Trapper’s Cabin

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (22)

This small hut may not look like much, but it’s the ideal place to capture Heirs of the North thralls at a low level. There is often a named thrall at this location, but there aren’t so many that under-geared players will become overwhelmed.

If you look closely, you’ll also find a journal that contains Specialist Cooking V at the camp.


The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (23)
  • Recommended level: 40+
  • Common enemies: wolves, bears, mammoths, T3-T4 NPCs
  • Common items: wood, bark, iron, thick hide
  • Important locations to note: Mounds of the Dead, The Barrow King, Circle of Swords

Things start to get a little more difficult when you cross west into the Swamp or Tundra area of the map. In addition to the denser population of wolves and bears, you’ll also be facing down some higher-tier NPCs. The tundra is a segway between the temperate Highlands and the frigid Frozen North.

It will be your first taste of the cold, and you should prepare with warming foods, drinks, or gear.

Mounds of the Dead

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (24)

Mounds of the Dead is the capital of the Cimmerian faction. This location is, first and foremost, a wonderful place to capture high-tier thralls. You are guaranteed to find T4-named thralls at this location, and the area is slightly safer to farm than more congested cities.

There are also recipes to find and emotes to learn at this location. Most notably, Specialist Cooking III and IV are both located here.

The Barrow King

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (25)

If you’re looking for an easy-to-access boss fight, head on over to The Barrow King in the Tundra and take on the King Beneath. The only caveat to entering the cave is that you must have demon blood in your inventory; otherwise, the King Beneath is a simple boss to find.

The King Beneath drops the Diadem of the Giant-kings, one of six artifacts that are needed to craft the Keystone. The Keystone removes your Exile bracelet and ends the game. He also drops a significant amount of demon-blood, which is arguably much more useful.

Try dodging towards the King Beneath when he attacks to wind up behind him. Dodging backwards rarely gets your character out of his reach.

Circle of Swords

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (26)

Swing by the Circle of Swords for a quick loot chest and lore stone. Rotbranch also has a chance of spawning here, whether you want to fight him or if you need to avoid him.

The Frozen North

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (27)
  • Recommended level: 50+
  • Common enemies: wolves, sabretooth, mammoths, T3-T4 NPCs
  • Common items: ice, black ice, iron, star metal (not common, but this is the only biome that it’s found in)
  • Important locations to note: The Temple of Frost, Blizzard’s Overwatch, Carrowmore

The Frozen North is the first true end-game biome. Not only does it have end-game quality resources, but it also has some of the most difficult enemies of any biome. It is also extremely difficult to inhabit this biome. Low-level players will have a difficult time finding water, and appropriate-level players will still need to build structures that can withstand the highest-level purge.

The Frozen North is the only place to farm black ice and star metal. Black ice is used to build tier-3 structures, and star metal is used to create best-in-game weapons, tools, and armor.

Brr, Chilly

The enemies in the snow biome won’t be your only concern. While you may have been able to scrape by before, the north is so cold that you must prepare thoroughly to traverse it. Without any preparations, the biome will kill you quickly.

The cheapest way to prepare is to make food or drink that heats your character when consumed. The obvious downside is that you will certainly die if you run out. The more expensive but more permanent option is to craft yourself some fur-lined armor.

Remember that if you build any shelters to stay out of the cold in this biome, they should be made of wood. No matter the tier, stone buildings are made for hot biomes, and wood buildings are best for cold biomes.

The Temple of Frost

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (28)

The Temple of Frost is an end-game dungeon in the center of the Frozen North. The temple is beautiful but full of frost giants and even a white dragon. If you are able to defeat the final boss, Hrungnir of the Frost, you’ll be rewarded with an ice-smithing recipe. This could be a black-ice broadsword, pick, javelin, etc.

There are many black ice nodes in the dungeon, so make sure you have room to carry all of this valuable resource.

The Unnamed City

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (29)
  • Recommended level: 55+
  • Common enemies: bat demons, dragons, skeletal warriors
  • Common items: demon blood, weapons, treasure!
  • Important locations to note: The Dregs, The Dawn Gate

The Unnamed City is a new player trap. Its location (central and close to the beginner area) suggests that a new player should wander in, but unfortunately, its location is deceiving. Hopefully, the red-tinged air and the ominous skeletal warriors at The Dawn Gate were enough to turn you back.

If they were not enough to scare you off, then you’ll begin descending into one of the most challenging biomes in the game. The first few flights might be only a moderate challenge for you, depending on your level, but the depths of The Unnamed City are a challenge for even seasoned players. There are seven total bosses in the Unnamed city, and each has a 5-10% chance to drop a legendary item.

Corruption and You

If the roaming undead weren’t enough, you’ll also have to deal with the environmental challenge of corruption in The Unnamed City. The land becomes increasingly plagued with corruption the deeper you descend into the city. Corruption does not damage your character but instead chips away at the total amount of health and stamina they can have in their respective pools.

Fortunately, there is a cap to how much damage corruption can do. At fully corrupted, you will not lose any more than 50% of your stamina or health pool. You may also bring along food and potions to decrease your corruption.

The Dawn Gate

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (30)

The Dawn Gate is the best place to access The Unnamed City. It is only guarded by a few skeletal archers and fighters, and if you are struggling with them, there is no reason to go any further until you’ve geared or leveled up.

The Dregs

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (31)

Contrary to what you might suspect, the dungeon located in The Unnamed City is actually easier than the city itself. That’s because it’s accessed from the southern river/beginner area. The Dregs is the Unnamed city’s abandoned sewer system and home to the abysmal remnant. Farm this ugly water monster for abysmal meat.

While you should be max-level or close to it to mess with The Unnamed City, you can try The Dregs at level 30+, especially if you have a friend to help.

The Volcano

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (32)
  • Recommended level: 55+
  • Common enemies: serpent man, rocknose, living magma, T3-T4 NPCs
  • Common items: obsidian, silver, gold
  • Important locations to note: The Well of Skelos, Shrine of the Oracle, Road of the Righteous

The Volcano is the most difficult biome on the map, but it also has the greatest rewards. It can be difficult to find your way in, as there are only a few entrances to the biome. I suggest using a cave called Dragonmouth in the eastern portion of The Frozen North. Head east from Bjornar’s Stand and look for a cave with a dragon-like shape.

The volcano is the only place to farm obsidian and a great place to farm silver and gold. Obsidian is used to make some of the best tools and weapons in the game. The nodes themselves are not difficult to farm, but they are surrounded by some of the most difficult mobs in the game.

Additionally, raw obsidian must be processed at a special forge located in the volcano. There is only one forge, and it is a choke point on a PvP server. Between the heat and other players, it can be difficult to return to your base with a stack of obsidian bars.

Extreme Heat

Speaking of the heat, the temperature of the Volcano biome will be your last and most difficult environmental test in Conan Exiles. The heat in the desert biome was a warm-up compared to what you will face in the Volcano, but the same general concepts apply. Both water and heat-resistant clothing will keep you cool.

Don’t forget to build structures out of stone instead of wood; if you want them to survive the purge, they need to be made from T3 materials. You’ll also have one more tool up your sleeve now that you’ve conquered the Frozen North: ice. Make sure to collect plenty of ice from that biome before heading into the Volcano.

Road of the Righteous (and Road of the Pilgrim)

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (33)

The Road of the Righteous and the more southern Road of the Pilgrim are the safest places in the Volcano biome. Take note of them before you do any serious farming in the volcano. Not only are they great places to collect obsidian, but they are also a great route to drag out knocked-out thralls.

Low-level players can even run through the volcano if they know how to use these roads to stay safe.

Well of Skelos

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (34)

The well is a difficult dungeon, made worse by your clumsy thrall. They are attracted to lava pits like flies to trash. If you can navigate the pits without your thrall going up in flame, the Well of Skelos is home to obsidian recipes and the obsidian forge.

After defeating the final boss, The Degenerate, you’ll be rewarded with a recipe on the stele behind his throne.

Location Hopping: XP Farming Tactic

While some players may not consider Conan Exiles (the core game) overly difficult, no one would argue that rolling a new character on a moderately populated PvP server doesn’t elevate the game to a real challenge. Other players will kill you on sight, steal all your things, and blow up your base for fun. Trying to accumulate enough gear to stand a chance can be a frustrating mess.

While many forums discuss the best way to hide and defend your items, there is no surefire way to keep from losing your shirt at any point on a PvP server. There is, however, one asset other plays can’t take from you. Your character level, and the attributes, perks, and feats you’ve added to your character sheet, are progress that stronger players can’t erase.

The frontrunning tactic for starting a new character on a competitive PvP server is to concentrate on leveling first and obtaining gear second. Players run the map with a bedroll and minimal gear to gain as many levels as possible without much consequence if they die.

An easy way to supplement gaining XP in more conventional methods is to discover new locations. Discovering locations supplies a significant amount of XP, and if you don’t have much gear on you to lose anyway, there’s no real consequence to collecting location XP.

Next time you see a naked Exile sprinting across a high-level area of the map, you’ll know exactly what they’re doing. Best to kill them a few times for good measure.


There is a system (besides being a server administrator) that allows a player to teleport immediately to locations in Conan Exiles. There are some restrictions; in fact, there are only 10 locations that you can teleport to. These locations are obelisks, and all you have to do to activate them is interact with them like you would a lore stone or recipe.

Once you’ve activated the obelisk, build a map room back at your base. Use the map room to select the obelisk that you’ve activated, and your character will be transported back to this location! Unfortunately, you will still have to run back to your base.

Location, Location, Location!

There’s no doubt about it: navigating your way to a specific location in Conan Exiles can be a real challenge. The map is built to trip up a player that isn’t already familiar with it. The ravines, choke points, and hidden challenges can ruin what they may have thought was going to be a mundane resource run.Knowing a little about the map, its biomes, and its significant locations can give you a leg up.

If you’re going in blind, just remember to try and stick to the roads and riverways to stay out of trouble. If you’ve accidentally fallen into a pit of spiders and you think there is no possible way that you’ll be able to retrieve your gear, you’re probably right. The only comfort I can offer is that hundreds of players before you have had the exact same misstep.

Location FAQ

Question: Can I teleport in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, but only to 10 specific obelisks. These obelisks are located strategically around the map and are a very helpful addition once you activate them. To activate an obelisk, you’ll need to find it and interact with it. After you’ve activated one, or several, head back to your base and build a map room. You’ll then be able to use the map room to teleport to the obelisks you’ve found.

Question: Is there a city in Conan Exiles?

Answer: Yes, there is a city in Conan Exiles. Sepermeru is the largest settlement in Conan Exiles and can be found in the westernmost portion of the desert. Though the NPCs here are neutral, and you will find a few merchants, it does not offer as much content as a city in a normal game. Most of the content in Conan Exiles comes from interacting with other real players on online servers.

Question: What is the hardest location in Conan Exiles?

Answer: The volcano is the hardest biome due to its mobs and temperature. Special considerations should be taken, such as heat-resistant armor and ice, before entering the Volcano. The hardest dungeon is the wine cellar, which you can find behind a tavern in the waterside district of Sepermeru. The wine cellar is a difficult-to-navigate dungeon with a hard-hitting boss.

The Ultimate Conan Exiles Locations Guide - Conan Fanatics (2024)
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