Seedify Blockchain Gaming Launchpad — The New Focused Approach on Product (2024)

In our first article regarding the changes that are taking place in while transforming into a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad, we have covered “The New Tier System”.

Let’s now share more details on the core evolutions that will take place in’s feature set to deliver the best Blockchain Gaming Launchpad experience.

The next is about focus, dedication and excellence.

So rather than working on many products besides our Launchpad, and just doing them in an average way, we will put all our energy into making our Launchpad experience, the best experience possible.

Seedify Blockchain Gaming Launchpad — The New Focused Approach on Product (3)

For this we are focusing on a few key points;

  • On the technical side, making it run as a flagship product that can handle all sorts of stress. Our devs are pushing new builds everyday to make sure that we are ready for massive amount of users who want to participate in the next big blockchain gaming IDO.
  • On the UX side, it needs to have the smoothest user experience possible. For this we have listened to feedbacks during each IDO, and hired a new design agency as well as created a list of new UX features that needs to be taken care of in the frontend side, backend side, and smart contract side.
  • From a visual standpoint, it needs to be very attractive and reveal itself that it was made for Blockchain Gaming. For this, we chose our new design agency with a portfolio of many amazing Gaming related websites. We will be redesigning and rebranding the Launchpad through them.
  • From an interoperability standpoint, it needs to serve to all blockchain infrastructures possible, so no opportunity is lost. For this one of our contractor dev teams are building a multi-chain claim contract.
  • Also it needs to come with features that create better financial outcomes. For this, we are working on features that elevate the financial results, such as locked staking system for IDO allocations, seed staking integrated into the same feature, and the new tier system.

One of the biggest problems with the old unfocused was that, our roadmap consisted of many different products. When you try to work on many products, instead of focusing on one particular product, and creating excellence in that product first, the result is often a bunch of average products. That’s why in this new phase our sole focus product wise is the Launchpad, and the Launchpad only.

For this we are cutting all the noise that makes us unfocused, and putting the most important features we promised into a more compact experience.

For example, the locked staking system for IDO allocations we are developing, will be used both for minimizing the downsides of each completed IDO, also it will be used to deliver free tokens from each project we incubate to all stakers. A much more compact version of the seed staking we proposed.

In the same way, interoperability will be done through claim contracts that work with a variety of layer 1s, and an integration that connects your main BSC wallet, with all the other layer 1 wallets you use. So while using BSC as our main network, we will be able to hold IDOs of all infrastructures, and deliver any token from any infrastructure through the claim feature. Enabling any blockchain gaming project to hold IDOs at regardless of which infrastructure they are on.

Focusing on the Launchpad product fully, until it is at such a stage that is spectacular for every user, will take dedication, but it will create the excellence we are looking for.

About the seed funding mechanism that we had in our initial whitepaper, perhaps the most important part of that product was being able to share free tokens from each project we seed fund, with our stakers. We will give this experience within our launchpad from each project we incubate, through the locked staking system that is used for IDO allocations as well. So locking tokens for IDO allocations will have extra benefits besides the staking APY for all users.

Also we will tackle the seed funding with a new mechanism that is explained in our tier system. Without creating sell pressure in our token by giving 75k worth of SFUNDs; While incubates new games, the “Seed Club” mentioned in the new tier system consisting of high profile investors and VCs will help bring more initial funds to games that need it. Enabling us to incubate these projects fully, while creating new opportunities for investors who are looking for seed stage deals, and distributing a certain percentage of tokens to all SFUND stakers for free.

Since our current Launchpad looks more like a beta launchpad with not much visual attractiveness frankly, we will be rebranding the Launchpad with the new design agency we hired who are very accustomed to building game related websites and platforms.

The next visual version of the Launchpad will have a branded and artistic style that match Blockchain Gaming, with attractive elements for elevating the user experience. We will be sharing the final design with our community prior to the start of the implementation to gather the final feedbacks.

Since there are not many moving parts on the Launchpad, and the core implementation already took place in the backend, it will be delivered with a fast track execution only changing the frontend side.

As the new features come, they will also be executed with the same branding clues, and guidelines.

While we were building, we had the chance to look at our initial ideas for a long time; in this new phase while we are learning from our old mistakes and evolving into our best version, we are going to make a lot of things differently.

In the next article, expect to learn more about the roles of new team members we hired, the “Clockwork” systems we created to fulfill certain key metrics that will increase the momentum of, and other new strategies we are implementing to seize much more opportunities in the Blockchain Gaming category.

Farewell until the next article!

Seedify Blockchain Gaming Launchpad — The New Focused Approach on Product (2024)
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