Nathan Darienzo Had A Divorce But Still Shared Their Favorite Baby, Dalmation (2024)

The YouTube sensation Nathan Darienzo, popularly known as Paging Mr Morrow, had a divorce from his wife, and the only thing they shared after their separation was their favorite Dalmation – Gracey.

The couple treated their pet as their baby and shared it among themselves. The trio looks inseparable as various photos were uploaded to their Instagram posts.

Nathan, His Divorce, and Their Favorite Baby

Darienzo has his social media nickname as Paging Mr. Morrow. His YouTube video showed he had his share of highs and lows.

Little did he know that he would lose two of the most important people in his life in a span of a month. In the chapter ‘Losing Everything,’ he outlined how he lost his wife and stepfather in a 30-day window.

He didn’t share why he had to get a divorce from his wife or how his father passed away, but just the fact that those events did happen pushed him over the edge. He had a breakdown.

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Getting His Life Back Together

In retrospect, the YouTuber could find solace in the fact that there were people out there who had it much worse and that breakups and death were a part of life—something everyone had to deal with.

However, this realization hadn’t dawned on him until much later. Back then, he felt that his world was ending and everything was falling apart.

Even amidst the gutwrenching heartache, he figured that his mum needed him the most at the time. So, he moved to Pennsylvania to be her. It was around this time that his YouTube career took a hiatus.

Just the recollection of those events was trigger enough for his voice to start breaking, and it was evident that he was holding back tears. But, as he did back then, he went on.

Gradually, Darienzo started making videos again, which made him happy. He got encouragement from his fans and friends. It felt that he had picked up his life where he had left off.

After many videos Darienzo created on his own, he realized he had to move back to Florida and live as he used to.

Nathan Darienzo & Ex Wife Remained Friends

He moved to Florida and stayed with his friend for a while. Slowly, things got back on track, and he had his apartment.

The American vlogger reunited with his ex-wife as friends. They never had a complex relationship, so it was easy to get back in touch again. They hung out together casually as friends.

That was the time when the couple shared their Dalmatian baby, Gracey. Nathan and his ex-wife loved their dog to the moon and back.

They shared several pictures in their social feed. They even created the pet dog’s Instagram account.

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Nathan’s Life Prior To His Hard Days

According to his YouTubevideo, Darienzo and his two siblings were raised by his single mother in Pennsylvania. Later she married Steve, his stepfather, who treated Nathan and his siblings as his own.

After some time, the YouTuber moved to New York and started to learn the trades of restaurants in the hospitality industry. It was there that he met his then-wife, Veronica, who introduced him to Disneyland.

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Darienzo was always fascinated by Walt Disney and the cartoon shows they produced.

He always wanted to visit Disneyland. Veronica showed him the path to Disney; later, the YouTuber became a frequent visitor to Disneyland.

After the YouTuber dated his girlfriend for two years, Nathan considered proposing to Veronica at Mickey’s Town Square.

After Veronica agreed to marry the YouTuber, they went on a honeymoon in Disneyland again. Eventually, they moved to Florida, for which his mother was very proud of him.

Going to Florida from a small town was an achievement for every person. He was living his best life. He and his wife started making videos from his smartphone and sharing them with friends and family.

Darienzo made videos, gathered viewers on YouTube, and slowly became a vlogger.

According to hisInstagramposts, the highs and lows made Nathan the man he is today. In the current day, he looks happy in his life. He is traveling the world and loves sharing his favorite Dalmation with his ex-wife and posting photos.

Nathan Darienzo Had A Divorce But Still Shared Their Favorite Baby, Dalmation (2024)
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