Everything You Need To Know About The Z-Fighters (2024)

Every anime, movie, or book has its group of heroes who tend to be the best at the one thing they know the most about: protecting a group of people, a place, or sometimes, in the most extreme scenarios, Earth. It's been done many times before, so it's not a surprise when we see this trope again and again. One of the most famous examples is the Avengers, and sometimes it is common to name any kind of group of heroes something along with that name. Sometimes the group doesn't have a name, but we recognize them because they are from the "good side" or they are part of the good guys as a whole. The Justice League is the DC Comics counterpart of a group of heroes dedicated to saving the Earth. How else do you identify this type of group? They are multiple people who may or may not have something in common besides wanting to save people or wanting to do good deeds. They might have powers since that is the main reason they are dedicated to protecting the Earth, and not anyone else is capable of doing so. Also, the name might have surged as a way for the heroes to call themselves, but sometimes it is fan-made.

In Dragon Ball Z, that group of fighters is called the Z-Fighters, and today, we will discuss everything you need to know about them.

So, What Should I Know About The Z-Fighters?

Let's give you some details first, should we? According to the Dragon Ball wiki, this is a heroic organization, but we're sure you already know that. They are also called the Z-Warriors, Gold Fighters, and Earth Special Forces. According to some wiki sources, the leader of this organization is Goku, and the members founded it on September 1st. It has existed since Bulma and Goku were on the search for the Dragon Balls. However, at that time, they were called the Dragon Gang.

What Is The Dragon Gang?

Some fans say this is a totally different organization from the Z-Fighters. Still, we will give you the information, so you decide which one you prefer to believe.

The Dragon Gang was created during Dragon Ball, and as we said before, this organization was entirely made up of Bulma and Goku's ideas. At the moment, and as the name suggests, the central goal of the gang was to obtain the Dragon Balls and use them for whatever they pleased. It was an understandable desire! However, this brought up different villains that the Dragon Gang had to battle with if they wanted to preserve the Dragon Balls. Enemies of the Dragon Gang during this were the Red Ribbon Army and Pilaf.

So, Are The Dragon Gang And The Z-Fighters The Same?

Some fans say they are the same, and some say it is not. The Z-Fighters as a group and its creation wasn't something planned. On the contrary, the formation of this organization was a response to something urgent that had happened at the time: Raditz, Goku's older brother, abducted Gohan. This is one of the first plot points happening in Dragon Ball Z, so it makes sense that they are actually called that way. At the moment, Goku's desperation makes him ask for help from Piccolo, even if they were former enemies.

The fans who say that the Dragon Gang and the Z-Fighters are not the same defend this moment as the proper creation of the group. The fans say they are in the same state that it was created by Bulma, and it all started in Dragon Ball. Which side are you on?

Who Did Come Up With The Name?

Strangely, the characters in the universe do not use the term that often. Most of the time, the narrator is the one who refers to our heroes as the Z-Warriors. Sometimes it is not necessarily with that name, but with any known names, we have said before. However, there are two times when characters inside the Dragon Ball universe use the term.

One occasion is when Trunks does it, and we are not sure if it counts since it is Future Trunks who says it, but it's a good starting point. He tells Goku that the Special Forces do not exist anymore. He doesn't use the term "Z-Fighters" but instead uses something similar.

Another time where the term is used is by Gohan, surprisingly! On one occasion, her mother, ChiChi, tells him that she would prefer it if Gohan didn't engage in Goku's gang activities. Gohan, all innocent, tells her that he isn't part of any gang and that he is a Z-Fighter. It happens in a dream, though.

When And Why Were The Z-Fighters Created?

Almost as soon as Dragon Ball Z started! As we said before, this wasn't something planned. It wasn't like Goku woke up one day and said "we need a team to defend Earth." We doubt Goku would do that. Instead, the group was born because of a necessity related to Gohan being kidnapped.

What Does The "Z" Mean?

We guess the Z is because of the "Z" in Dragon Ball Z. Apparently, Toriyama wanted Dragon Ball Z to be the end of Dragon Ball. We know that he wanted to kill Goku (and he did), but his original plan included not reviving him. Gohan would be the main character of Dragon Ball Z! The Z stands for "Zekai," and it means "Last Time." What a subtle detail!

What About The Formation Of This Group And Their First Fight?

Curiously enough, the moment the group is formed is not precisely the first time they fight against an enemy. When the Saiyan conflict starts, here is when the Z-Warriors start their journey.

The first time this group fought together was against Nappa, Vegeta, and some other Saiyans. At the time, the group consisted of fewer people, some of them being of course Goku, Gohan, and the memorable Piccolo. Members of the Z-Fighters didn't trust Piccolo completely, but soon they learned how. By this time, Goku's first death happens, and he spends a little time training in the Other World while the ones who stay alive go on the search for the Dragon Balls to revive him.

Who Are The Members Of The Z-Fighters?

Now that we talk about the members, there have been different ones, some of them already retired. The founders include Piccolo, the second one in the line of command after Goku, Gohan, Tien Shinhan, and Krillin. Other sources suggest Goku isn't the actual leader since the organization isn't that formal, and they are just people who team up every now and then.

As the series progresses, new members add themselves to this group, like Vegeta, Android 17, Android 18, and Good Buu. Funny enough, all of them used to be villains, but then they turned to the good side. Is Goku that convincing enough? Maybe.

Other members are Goten, Trunks, and Master Roshi. And if we talk about retired ones, this includes Yajirobe, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu.

There have been different heroes in and out of this group, so there is nothing official now. Let's summarize some of them!

  • Goku: probably the stronger member. He is known for being the one that actually defeats the enemy right after the other members can't keep fighting. Because he is the most powerful one, sometimes he takes the position of the leader.
  • Master Roshi: basically in the team for his skills and out of respect.
  • Krillin: the most powerful Earthling had to be on this team!
  • Yamcha: who retires after the Cell Saga.
  • Piccolo: one of the most intriguing members of the team! He used to be Goku's rival, but no more. Now he fights alongside him!
  • Gohan: when he starts being part of the team, he's inexperienced, but he soon learns.
  • Vegeta: Let's be clear, he joined when he realized it may be the only chance they had to overpower the Androids. Still, he is one of the most powerful Saiyans right after Goku, so we appreciate his presence.

Other members include Goten, Trunks (and Future Trunks), Uub, Pan, Tien Shinhan, and Yajirobe.

That is everything for today! In short, the Z-Fighters are one heroic organization that appears in Dragon Ball Z. Some fans say it is the continuation of the Dragon Ball Gang formed in the original Dragon Ball. However, some fans do not agree with this and say this group started in Dragon Ball Z right after Gohan's kidnapping. As the series progressed, numerous members were part of it, and sometimes this membership ended with their deaths.

Even if almost nobody used the term "Z-Fighters" besides the narrator, we always saw them with that name.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Z-Fighters (2024)
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