Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (2024)

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  • September 11, 2023
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Cosmic Nootropic Introduction

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Cosmic Nootropic review brings you all about the international Russian distributor of lab-made nootropics and supplements manufactured according to original formulas in leading ex-Soviet pharmacies. Cosmic Nootropics Phenibut, Noopept, and Phenylpiracetam are anecdotally some of the finest products of pharma-grade quality nootropics in the global market. We have looked at their online shop in detail and tested several of their products. We also did a mini-interview with their CEO, Lev, to learn more about their famous nootropics and how they market them in the US.

Product Brand: Cosmic Nootropic

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Cosmic Nootropic Review Summary


  • Nootropics & Brain Health
  • Organic Products
  • Anti-aging, Longevity & Regeneration
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Bioregulators & Peptides
  • Energy & Adaptogens
  • Immune Stimulants
  • Quit Addictions
  • Skin Care
  • Eye Care

Features top ingredients

  • Cerebrolysin

  • Semax

  • Phenibut

  • Piracetam

  • Phenylpiracetam

  • Noopept

  • Picamilon

  • Meldonium

  • Selank

  • Cortexin

  • Mexidol

  • Memantine

  • Afobazole

  • Mebicar

Cosmic Nootropic overview

  • Original products, mostly rare and exotic nootropics, distributed from leading Russian pharmacies
  • Easy to navigate and safe data-privacy website with official documentation and drug sheets
  • One of the most professional customer support on the market
  • A bunch of customer reviews on various platforms
  • It is not a hyper sales company, it rather relies on its social media presence and referral channels to keep the pace
  • The most popular products are Cerebrolysin, Semax, Selank, Noopept, Picamilon, as well as Racetams.
  • They recently launched three bundles for those who like to try new stuff or who are looking for the perfect nootropic stack.

They are dedicated to providing you with in-depth product information, professional customer support, strict adherence to GMP standards, sourcing rare and potent nootropics, and ensuring a smooth and secure shipping process, making your purchase experience worry-free.

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Some potential drawbacks to consider include limited payment options and the availability of Certificates of Analysis (COAs) upon request rather than being readily accessible.

Original Russian nootropics available worldwide

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Visit Cosmic Nootropic

Where is Cosmic Nootropic located?

The company was founded in Moscow in 2015. They’ve partnered with all important pharma distributors in Russia, and out from other ex-Soviet countries, where the production of nootropics is widely known for its quality.

The fact they are a non-US supplier with a warehouse in the United States also makes their story interesting. By doing business with synthetic supplements in the US they have to cover their tracks and trade very carefully there. This requires great skill, dedication, and love to offer nootropic products of this level. More of how they manage that later.

In 2022, they moved their business to Kazakhstan for well-known political reasons, and continue to sell to customers worldwide. They have a reputation as good guys and professionals, at the service in the nootropics community.

Is Cosmic Nootropic legit?

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As we said, this company distributes products from the best Russian manufacturers of smart drugs. Sometimes out of their native country too.

Cosmic Nootropic CEO, Lev, told us about how they’ve started working with racetams and what is popular in Russia today.

In Russia we only have Piracetam and Phenylpiracetam. So, in the beginning of Cosmic we had to order Aniracetam from Greece, Oxiracetam from China and Pramiracetam from Ukraine because we wanted to have a fun collection of pharmaceutical racetams. Now we only have Pramiracetam from Ukraine. Russia is much more interesting when it comes to peptides because it has a number of original peptide pharmaceuticals.

– Lev

The presence of a Russian supplier in the US speaks to their legitimacy, as well as their authenticity in the industry. The demand for such products is high, and Cosmic Nootropic fulfills consumers’ needs.

How did they manage to market synthetics in the US? Let’s analyze the two markets.

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

The Russian and American markets for nootropic products are very different.

  • There are pharmaceuticals

  • There are supplements

  • There are research substances

Pharmaceutical industry

This industry has really strict regulations i.e. FDA approval procedures for the drugs are one of the strictest in the world, and it is undeniably very challenging to overcome this barrier for the company. This with the high costs of undergoing the approval procedures leads to many psychoactive chemical compounds available as drugs in other countries not being available in the US as drugs.

Supplements industry

This industry on the other hand is much more complicated. According to the FDA, a supplement has to meet the following criteria:

  • Vitamin and mineral products
  • “Botanical” or herbal products—These come in many forms and may include plant materials, algae, macroscopic fungi, or a combination of these materials.
  • Amino acid products—Amino acids are known as the building blocks of proteins and play a role in metabolism.
  • Enzyme supplements—Enzymes are complex proteins that speed up biochemical reactions.

Researched substances

Virtually no nootropic compound meets these requirements, so what nootropic vendors sell should be marketed as research compounds, not for human consumption and some companies do this. This is de jure. De facto vendors can sell these products as supplements for as long as they do not give any medical claims i.e. not step on what is the realm of pharmaceuticals, and they also must mention that these products have not been approved by the FDA. At the same time, there is very little to no control over the manufacturing of such substances.

For this reason, it is necessary when ordering from American vendors to scrutiny the COA of an independent laboratory that can certify that it is indeed the product. You don’t ask for the COA when you go to the pharmacy because you rightfully trust FDA and the pharmaceutical regulation that what you get there will be pure and produced to all the necessary standards.

How Russian nootropics is made?

In Russia, it is much different – says Lev, CEO of the Cosmicnootropic crew.

The regulation for pharmaceuticals is very different and significantly less is needed to register a new product as a drug. A company should still of course run clinical trials and finish all the three stages of clinical trials but doing so is undeniably easier in Russia. So, an approved Russian drug is of course less researched than an American drug approved by the FDA. Also, I believe that a typical pharmaceutical plant in the US likely has more stringent quality procedures than the one in Russia, where international GMP requirements were introduced just over the last couple of years. On the other hand, the production of supplements in Russia is controlled by the government norms. It is necessary to obtain registration and meet all the necessary approvals prior to being able to send a supplement to a pharmacy chain. (In Russia drugs and supplements are sold only in pharmacies, not in drugstores or supermarkets; and the regulation of pharmacies is very strict – I used to own and run a pharmacy myself). So, on our website we ONLY have original pharmaceutical products that were obtained through pharmaceutical distributors or pharmacy chains. We do not have any product that was not produced according to the necessary government norms. We can request from our partners a certificate for the particular batch of particular product but that will be certain effortgiven that we will also have to translate all the information from Russian into English on the certificates. We did so a couple of times and it was not viable and frankly unnecessary. So, if there is a person who is needs to demonstrate the government officials in his country for instance that what he receives is a registered official product and not some suspicious substance and there is a batch of such products we can do that. In other cases we kindly believe to trust us and the reputation we gained over 5 years. So that it is clear: we are constantly being bombarded with offers from Chinese producers who suggest that we buy all the different nootropics, sarms, peptides from them but we never agreed to this because in that case we would have to compromise our quality and offer some product that we are not totally sure about.

– Lev

Let’s summarize why Russian products can be freely bought in the US without any information.

We ship only non-scheduled pharmaceutical products. They are not available domestically, so we are providing people with what they could not have purchased otherwise, even if the doctor wanted to prescribe it. Apart from that, all these products have passed quality tests because a product that is sold in a pharmacy must be approved for use and manufactured according to rather strict standards, which is totally opposite to what you can find in the US. That being said, over the last 5 years we did not have any real cases when our customers in the US were not allowed to receive their products.

– Lev

They don’t sell any scheduled substances, only products that are legal to ship from Russia.

Cosmic Nootropic and FDA

The company has the following part in their Terms and Conditions copied from the FDA website:

  • If you are a US citizen, by buying from you agree that your purchase here meets the conditions described by the FDA on the individual import of drugs:

  • The drug is to be used for a serious condition for which effective treatment is not available in the United States;

  • There is no commercialization or promotion of the drug to U.S. residents;

  • The drug is considered not to represent an unreasonable risk;

  • The individual importing the drug verifies in writing that it is for his or her use, and provides contact information for the doctor providing treatment or shows that the product is for the continuation of treatment begun in a foreign country; and

  • Generally, not more than a 3-month supply of the drug is imported.

With that in mind, let’s start by checking the quality of their website, business model, and presence online.

Cosmic Nootropic quality

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Official Website

This Russian nootropics store has a tidy website. In addition to all their products being organized by categories, there is also an Official Drug Sheets section in which all products are listed in alphabetical order. It is a very practical and smart choice for easier customer navigation.

Their website offers a wealth of valuable information on what nootropics are used for, what are the side effects, dosage, interactions, and more. Find more about it in the research section of their website.

Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (7)You will also find a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in the main menu where information on their products, payment, delivery, terms, and conditions, legal information, and the company philosophy.

The menu below also lists social media accounts and a subscription to their newsletter.

Cosmic Nootropic testimonials

There are many positive testimonials on the Internet about their products. People usually praise their fantastic customer support as well. I also found a few concerns about lost shipments, but they always addressed this carefully and in open dialogue.

You can find testimonials from these resources.

  • Facebook review page
  • Section Feedback on the website
  • Reddit
  • Trustpilot page

Cosmic Nootropic Reddit

You can simply google “cosmic nootropics reviews” and you will find countless people from the/r/nootropics subredditwhere people are reporting positive experiences with them.

The order I made took exactly 7 days to arrive to me in the US. The customs declaration was filled out honestly. On the customs sheet attached to the package, it actually listed every item that was contained in the order, and the total cost of the order. It also said in the description part “Memory Supplements”. This is something I’d like to point out to anyone who may want their order to be shipped discretely. It will list the items by their actual names (i.e Phenibut, Afobazole, Tehoten, Mebicar, Picamilon, Mildronate, as my order was), and will be in plain view on the outside. There’s nothing sketchy or illegal about any of it in any way, but if someone is concerned about this being displayed in the open, I would contact them prior to your order. I personally see it as a strong indicator that they are starting a legitimate business and intend to keep it that way. I actually emailed them right after I made my order inquiring on future products like Mildronate, Ipidacarine, and Metaprot. They got back to me quickly and said they had Mildronate and were putting it on the site later that week. They offered to throw some in free of charge, which they did! (40-count Pack)

– Reddit

Products, bundles, and Prices

Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (8)

All products are branded and contain exactly what they should – nothing more, nothing less. Recently, you can find offers to popular and lesser-known nootropics in the Cosmic Nootropic bundle deals.

By offering this bundles we strive to promote a seriousapproach to your well-being and health. After sampling, you can order more of a particular nootropic in the comfort of knowing that it is indeed the best supplement in your case.

– Support

Here are just a few of the best synthetic nootropics they offer:

  • Semax is one of the best neuroprotective nootropics for memory formation and the boost in cognitive skills.

  • Cerebrolysin is a peptide nootropic that boosts memory, nourishes brain cells, and is known for its sharp recall ability.

  • Selank is a nootropic drug that works by modulating dopamine and serotonin for memory enhancement, as well as a mood booster.

  • Vinpotropile is a composition of two nootropics, Vinpocetine and Piracetam, known to increase blood flow to the brain and boost cognitive functions, mental strength, and stamina.

  • Mexidol is a nootropic to boosts memory and cognitive functions by increasing the levels of dopamine, better blood circulation in the brain, and protects from oxidative damage.

  • Cereton boosts mental strength and memory by providing choline to the brain.

  • Picamilon is composed of the neurotransmitter GABA and vitamin B3 (Niacin), this nootropic is for memory consolidation and focus, as well as provides a calming effect and neuroprotection.

Prices are generally very reasonable given the quality of their products. Since they are all branded products, the price of some may be a little higher than the generic products that you would find on other sites.

Also, you can always count on Cosmic Nootropic coupon codes and promotions as well as bonuses as their regular customer.

Cosmic Nootropic Shipping

This company delivers orders from its headquarters now in Kazakhstan, and from its warehouse in the United States. On their website, you can find out which products qualify for delivery from the US, all with the aim of reducing delivery times for the world’s largest nootropic market.

It is necessary to pay attention only to markets with particularly strict customs laws, such as Canada, Germany, Brazil, Bermuda, Cuba, and others, where it is still possible to order but with the risk of increased returns. Contact their support for more information.

Here are some scheduled delivery times listed on the website:

  • US postage in the country: 3-7 days

  • US postage from abroad: 14-30 days

  • E.U. and delivery in the UK: 14-20 days (sometimes up to 30 days)

  • Australia and New Zealand: up to 30 days

  • Japan: 15-25 days (sometimes up to 30 days)

Orders are sent by registered mail and come with a tracking number. Shipping costs are very reasonable, which can be seen below (in US dollars):

  • Orders less than $29: $7 for shipping

  • Orders from $30 to $99: postage from $5

  • Orders over $100: Free

Another shipping option is Express Mail Service (EMS). It’s more expensive, but orders usually arrive a few days early.

  • Orders less than $99: $25

  • Orders from 100-199 USD: 20 USD

  • Orders over $200: $15

All orders are delivered in plain, discreet packaging. If you want to, you can ask them not to mention anything about what’s inside or where it came from.

payment services

Unfortunately, the fact that we only sell pharmaceutical products makes it impossible for us to find a card processing partner that would let us accept payments from US customers. The fact that we are located in Russia makes it even less possible. For this reason, the only payment options left for use are cryptocurrencies and international wires or international money transfer services.

– Support

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), which you buy with a 10% discount, the company offers a money transfer service using Transferwise or Azimo.

You can also pay for your order with PaySend which uses Mastercard MoneySend and Visa Money Transfer services to send the payment.Their payment page shows you exactly how to pay using these methods.

Refund policy

If you do not receive the package for some reason, you’ll get refunded for the full amount of the order within 5-7 working days. An alternative solution is to send you the original order for free. As we said, if you live in a “risky” country with strict customs and import laws, you can contact them directly or check the website to see what options you have concerning this.

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Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (10)

Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (11)

Testing Cosmic Nootropic racetams

Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (12)

Racetams are part of the nootropics definition and culture. The first man-made cognitive substance invented was Piracetam, also a trademark of the Russian school of smart drugs. While we have tested the US vendors Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Noopept, Aniracetam, and Pramiracetam, now we have compared them to the Cosmic Nootropic quality. Cosmic Nootropic also distributes a branded version of this pioneer nootropic, and you can read all about it in our Nootropil review.

Racetams market

Today, it is difficult to buy allnine commercially used Racetams. Piracetam is gone in many countries (including the US) because of the strict regulations. It can still be difficult to find it in top supplement stores. But, Cosmic Nootropic Piracetam can still be obtainable. Phenylpiracetam is also harder to get, but is still available from several vendors in the U.S. and abroad. Noopept still has an unblemished reputation as an over-the-counter. Noopept Cosmic Nootropic has to offer is one of the best you can buy.

Testing Racetams

All the products arrived via standard mail service in 3-4 weeks, which is acceptable. They were marked as ‘memory supplements’ on a package. I have nothing against it, but you can ask for their support for a more discreet title.

The testing took a while, two months or so. I shared them with my team members and after periodical briefings, we have concluded that the quality is first-rate.

The products were all fast-acting, approximately 20 minutes for Noopept to kick in, and Phenyl and Piracetam from 30-60 minutes reached the peak. We were impressed with the stacking of Phenylpiracetam and Noopept to start a working day with.

They were all great as a means of increasing mental energy, focus, and verbal flow and reducing stress at work.

  • Noopept is a nootropic with neuroprotective quality that protects against oxidative damage and is a modulator of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to boost memory.

  • Piracetam is the first invented nootropic that boosts memory by maintaining high levels of acetylcholine and promotes cognitive enhancement.

  • Phenylpiracetam is one of the most effective nootropics, derived from Piracetam, which increases acetylcholine activity and promotes cognitive improvement.

None of the team members encountered any adverse effects or reactions from taking other supplements or even consuming alcohol on weekends while using these nootropics.

But, the quality of products aside, it’s a well-known fact that medications and alcoholic beverages should not be mixed. This is due to the fact that medications are drugs, and they affect the dopamine system in the brain. Combining alcohol with medication can lead to unpredictable and adverse effects, such as depression or restlessness. Mixing the two substances can also amplify their individual effects, which is why it is strongly advised against under any circ*mstances.

All three supplements are selected in their best-selling products, compiled in ”Nootropics bundle” where you can taste them along with Alpha GPC and Pantogam Active.

Read more on Cosmic Nootropic bundles in our blogs:

  • Cosmic Nootropic Anxiolytics bundle review
  • Cosmic Nootropic Adaptogens bundle review

Great stacks can be made with these classic ingredients for powerful effects. You can upgrade your natural nootropics with a glimpse of immediate gratification and amplify the benefits.

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  • Symptomatic treatment of various memory disorders
  • Psychoorganic syndrome with asthenia
  • Alcoholicpsychoorganic syndrome
  • Treatment-resistant depressions
  • Many other conditions characterized by lowered intellectual functioning
Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (14)


  • A moderate mood-lifting and anxiety reduction
  • Adaptogenic effects, i.e. combating mental and physical fatigue under stress.
  • Increased resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia and toxins.
  • Combating mild depressions by increasing serotonin, dopamine and noadrenaline.
  • Better visual acuityand range.
  • Increased tolerance to cold.
  • Mild immunostimulating properties.
Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (15)


  • Reduction of headaches, dizziness, palpitations
  • Normalization of sleep
  • Decreasing irritability and improving the emotional background
  • Improving health and reducing fatigue.
  • High concentration of attention for young people
  • Good memory for people over 50 y.o. who need to maintain mental performance

Cosmic Nootropic review conclusion




Value for money




Label transparency


Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (16)

Overall rating:


This distributor of pharmaceutical-grade Russian nootropics build a good reputation in the community of the sensitive market of supplements by prioritizing honesty and very helpful customer support.

Our team has personally tested and can vouch for the effectiveness of their Noopept, Piracetam, and Phenylpiracetam, which have rapid effects. In addition to these standard options, and opinions, Cosmic Nootropic also offer a diverse selection of rare and exotic nootropics that are not easily available online, such as Phenibut, Cerebrolysin, Semax, Adaptol, Meldonium, Selank, and more.

We highly recommend that anyone interested in these products reach out to this reliable supplier.

Original Russian nootropics available worldwide

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Visit Cosmic Nootropic

How has this list changed? Read back through our update history:

9/11/23: Cosmic Nootropic ship only from Russia and Kazakhstan: The delivery takes 3–8 weeks and costs 40 USD. Shipping from the US is not available. It appears that CosmicNootropic is facing issues with ShipBob, their logistics partner in the US. ShipBob suddenly suspended their orders without providing a clear explanation, causing frustration and disruptions to both CosmicNootropic and its customers. The situation has sparked discussions and concerns within the nootropics’ community, with many members expressing support for CosmicNootropic. They are actively seeking a new logistics provider to resume its operations, and it seems they have been in contact with ShipBob to release inventory for pending orders. The abrupt termination of the agreement with ShipBob has raised questions about contract violations and unprofessional behavior.

5/7/23: Adding a paragraph about alcohol intake while using Cosmic Nootropic’s products.

12/4/22: We have revised our review to include additional details about Cosmic Nootropic’s new headquarters, which were established due to the political situation in Russia. Despite the changes this has brought to their operations, including the need to explore alternative methods of transporting nootropic batches to their US warehouse to ensure continuity, they are currently offering the best deals.

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Cosmic Nootropic Review | A New Era Of Soviet-Inspired Brain Boosters (2024)
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