Bobby Lee and Longtime Partner Break Up, Break News During Podcast Episode (2024)

By Andrew Roberts


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Comedian Bobby Lee, best known for his time on Mad TV, revealed he and longtime partner Khalaya Kuhn have broken up. The couple spoke in depth about the relationship on a recent episode of their Tigerbelly podcast, making clear that they plan to continue working together despite the end of their time as a couple.

"Oh god... this is hard. Alright, I just want to announce to everybody that Khalyla and I are no longer together," Lee said during the show. "I want to say that Khalyla is the love of my life, my best friend, if there was a book about my life she would be, if there were 10 chapters, she would be four of them at least, five of them... she changed my life in so many different ways, she reinvented who I was."

Kuhn added some more to the situation on her other podcast, Trash Tuesday, echoing much of what she said during Tigerbelly and how Lee feels about the situation. "No matter where I go... no matter wherever we go, the love is permanent, we never grew apart, we grew even closer but in what capacity we choose to move forward in this life together where whether its a couple, whether its just you know close family, whether its a business partner,," Kuhn said. "I just don't think I want to give so much of that away anymore because I do love him and for once in my life I want to protect what we have, which I wasn't doing for a very long time."

The couple has attracted a large fanbase for their show, joining a line of fellow comedians and their shows, including Your Mom's House with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky, Bad Friends with Lee and Andrew Santino, and many others. According to SKPop, both reportedly met through Tinder in 2013 and had been together since then with some ups, downs, and plenty of drama that sometimes got a bit too far into parasocial territory with fans. Still, they're a popular team that now has plenty of question marks around what's next, while fans are debating what happened, why it happened and where their place is to weigh in on it all.

This is only dipping a toe into the situation, the relationship and the podcast, all we suggest is following the details down the rabbit hole if interested. But for now, the fans and their response can tell the story about Lee and Kuhn calling it quits.

Keep Positive and Get Through

@bobbyleelive keeping you in my thoughts. I have a feeling you're about to make some big moves bobby. I stayed sober through a break up in March, so grateful for that. Do your thing young king.

— Frank (@LilVacationland) July 13, 2022

Others were more kind, especially toward Lee due to his sobriety and his openness about how he has had struggles in past years, especially after the death of his father in 2019. "Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn announced their break up yesterday and I officially am heartbroken lmao," a fan wrote. "Tigerbelly got me thru the hardest times. Nosotros Papaya."


Not So Happy?

@bobbyleelive takes 100% of the blame for his relationship’s break up on the latest episode of @thetigerbelly. When you think Khalyla is gonna take some accountability she just cries and agrees with Bobby. They can keep making episodes but this isn’t TigerBelly anymore #itsover

— Dean CaliGreen (@caligreenmonsta) July 6, 2022

Not all fans were full of praise and love for the couple. Some quickly took sides and targeted Kuhn as the poison in the well. Others couldn't help taking the breakup to heart. "The fact that Bobby Lee and Khalyla officially are no longer a romantic couple just tore me to shreds," another fan added to the pile.


Unwanted Surprise

Damn I thought Tigerbelly would end before Bobby Lee and Khalyla would break up

— gon (@cansOspam) July 13, 2022

"Bobby Lee and Khalyla breaking up is so, so sad and has me in tears right now," another wrote. It really did seem like a relationship that was built to last, maybe not in a traditional form but in something closer than breaking up.


Tears on The Road

bro I never thought bobby Lee would break up with his Gf so sad man

— Affliction (@itsaffliction) July 7, 2022

"Guess I'll be listening to the new Tigerbelly episode on the way home and crying bc Bobby Lee and Khalyla broke up," another fan wrote, also discovering the worst way to commute home.


Pains Me So Much

Bobby Lee and Khalyla’s breakup opens up the wound of my recently ended relationship without a doubt, we ended on similar terms of extreme love but lost intimacy. I wish that pain on no one. I sincerely wish them the best, and I know they’ll both be better because of it.

— NINE (@sodnine) July 7, 2022

"Bobby Lee and Khalyla breaking up pains me so much," another fan wrote, before adding some punctuation to their post. "I WILL LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU TWO FOREVER."


Crying a Little

did bobby lee and khalyla really break up. love isn’t real there’s no hope for any of us tbh.

— shel (@drkmxgiciangrl) July 7, 2022

"We be waking up at 11:30 pm to cry a little because Bobby Lee and Khalyla broke up," one fan added, following along as the news spread before they got to watch or listen to the episode.




Bobby Lee and Longtime Partner Break Up, Break News During Podcast Episode (2024)
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