Best M4 loadout, attachment, perks and more in MW2 (2024)

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Searching for the best M4 loadout in MW2? We have what you seek! The M4 is a reliable classic Assault Rifle and its firepower has been in no way dampened in Modern Warfare 2.It’s a more sophisticated gun than the frenzied Hurricane, suiting players who prefer longer range firefights.

With Season 5 underway, the M4 will come in handy in keeping you alive through all the craziness in multiplayer battles. And just case you haven’t gotten the call yet, check out who is the unknown caller in MW2 ahead of Modern Warfare 3 release in November.

Best M4 loadout, attachment, perks and more in MW2 (1)

Best M4 loadout and attachment in MW2

  • Muzzle:RF Crown 50(+0.49, +0.00)
  • Barrel:11.5″ T-H4 Barrel (-0.26, -0.40)
  • Optic:Cronen Mini Pro (-3.00, +0.00)
  • Stock: Tempus P80 Strike Stock (+2.74, -1.16)
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip (+0.81, +0.00)

Even in its default configuration, the M4 is a versatile assault rifle with minimal drawbacks. To align with the rapid tempo of multiplayer gameplay, suggest that you prioritise mobility and also strive to minimise the M4’s recoil.

To manage recoil, we used both the RF Crown 50 and Sakin ZX-Grip. Together, they effectively diminish recoil, enhancing the M4’s accuracy during prolonged firing.

For enhanced mobility, we went with both the Tempus P80 Strike Stock and the 11.5″ T-H4 Barrel. The barrel enhances aim-down-sight (ADS) speed without introducing significant drawbacks, making it a versatile option for any loadout.

The last attachment offers the greatest versatility. In our choice, we’ve selected the Cronen Mini Pro to ensure the utmost clarity in optics. However, those who are at ease with the M4’s iron sights might consider going with a more suitable underbarrel attachment or a laser that enhances mobility instead.

Best perks and equipment for M4 in MW2

Best M4 loadout, attachment, perks and more in MW2 (2)
  • BasePerk 1:Tracker
  • Base Perk 2:Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk:Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk:Ghost
  • Lethal:Proximity Mine
  • Tactical:Snapshot Grenade

For our starting Perks, we’ve gone with Tracker and Battle Hardened. Tracker aids in detecting enemy footsteps, enabling you to pinpoint their location for easier kill. Battle Hardened proves highly effective in minimising the impact of numerous tactical grenades that are bound to be hurled your way.

The optimal Bonus Perk to complement this M4 loadout in MW2 is Fast Hands. This is because it enhances reload speed and reduces the duration you remain idle during the animation. Given the aggressive nature of this setup, swift reloading is crucial to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Best M4 loadout, attachment, perks and more in MW2 (3)

Lastly, our Ultimate Perk choice is Ghost. Widely considered as one of the finest perks in Modern Warfare 2, it is well-suited for players of all play styles.

Best weapons to pair with M4 in MW2

Best M4 loadout, attachment, perks and more in MW2 (4)

FTAC Recon Battle Rifle

The FTAC Recon is a hard-hitting BR that compliments the M4 in cross-map firefights. Its semi-auto fire mode can’t compete with the M4’s blisteringly hot auto fire. However, taking another rapid-fire weapon along with the M4 can become quickly obsolete. Instead, the FTAC Recon offers a powerful, accurate option that performs slightly better at longer ranges than the M4, and is no slouch at midrange either.

X13 Auto Handgun

The M4 works well with a large number of perks. As a result, sometimes you aren’t going to want to spend one of your basic perk slots on Overkill. Without access to a second main weapon, the X13 fills in well as a subweapon for the M4.

Given that the M4 performs to a high standard in most areas, you will rarely be switching to a secondary weapon in the first place. But, even if the M4’s reload speed is significantly better than MW2’s LMGs, it’s still always quicker to switch to your sidearm when circ*mstances require it. The X13, with its rapid rate of fire and added speed compared to the X12, won’t fall too far behind when needed.

M4 Alternative Weapon Choices

The M4 is a fantastic weapon to get started with in Modern Warfare 2, and will always remain a viable choice. But if you like the style of the M4 and are looking to branch out into similar weapons, we have a few suggestions for you.

FSS Hurricane

The FSS Hurricane is an SMG that is quickly becoming popular in Modern Warfare 2. Players have been thoroughly won over by its high rate of fire and damage potential, allowing you to carve through the opposition in close-range engagements.

Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub – or MP5 as it is sometimes known – is another SMG that can replicate the all-round excellence of the M4, and will serve you well in most all scenarios that Modern Warfare 2 will throw at you.

Is The M4 Overpowered in MW2?

Due to its popularity within the MW2 community, the M4 receives a lot of appreciation, but at the same, a fair amount of scrutiny regarding the favoritism it seems to get – seeing how strong it can be and how consistently so from one CoD title to the next. As a result, fans will sometimes wonder if the M4 is overpowered, and whether they are at a disadvantage when going against it in MW2?

Though the M4 is a very good and reliable weapon, it is by no means overpowered, which is highlighted in a couple of key ways. To begin with, there’s a handful of other weapons that have a faster firing rate, aim down sight speed, and close range damage than the M4. So it’s not very difficult to take someone out with it depending on your situation in-game and your proximity to your opponent.

Secondly, if the M4 was overpowered, most players in your lobbies would be using it, and that’s not the case right now, particularly if you’re playing on maps like Shipment or Shoot House. The variety in MW2’s multiplayer is quite deep, with some going as far as using knives and riot shields.

Best M4 Loadout in MW2 – FAQ

What are the best M4 attachments in MW2?

The following are the best attachments for the M4 in MW2. Tempus Hightower 20” Barrel, Cronen Mini Red Dot Optic, XTEN Grip, 4mW Laser Box.

Is the M4 still good in MW2?

In short, yes. The M4 is a versatile and powerful gun that is perfect for newbies but has enough customization potential to please seasoned gunsmith veterans.

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Best M4 loadout, attachment, perks and more in MW2 (2024)
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