25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (2024)

1. Pick Your Fighting Style

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Every different weapon (Those Seen Above As Two Examples of Weapons) has its own fighting style! It's important to pick one you like to move with, so you don't feel like a fool flailing through enemies!

Don’t Limit Yourself

Conan Exiles has a lot of variety when it comes to weapons and each weapon changes how you move and dodge and attack. Some weapons let you spin, some let you backflip, some have you kicking like a spartan warlord. Some have you launching at your foe like Wolverine leaping over a wrecked car!

If you pick a weapon type and you find out you like a different one later on, that’s a lot of resources and time invested into learning that style of combat and improving a weapon you don’t want to use anymore. Not only that, but if you level up your perks based on one weapon and then find yourself switching later, you’ll have to reset all your perks and rebuild your entire character from the ground up.

Try Everything

So what’s the solution? That’s easy! Try out every weapon, even if you just make the cheap stone version of it. Once you know what you like to use, you can search for a better version of it. Once you have the weapon type you prefer you can build your stats and perks around using it. Whether it is strength or agility based will help you know what to spend your hard earned experience on!

Extra Advice and Tricks

Some weapon types will require you to loot them in order to try them out. This is okay! Just pick your favorite and then look in the feats to see what other types of weapons fall under that same category. If you like agility weapons more, there’s several to pick and switch from later on! The same goes for strength weapons! And with Conan Exiles' new and upgraded loot system, you’re likely to get your hands on just about every weapon type early on now with very little effort. Being able to flow from one movement to the next and dodge at the right time is more important than having the best quality weapon right out of the gate.

How it works:

  • Craft all the Stone Weapons to Try Them Out!
  • Kill NPCs and take the Weapons from their Chests and Bodies!
  • Look at Weapon Feats and see what appeals to you most!
  • Pick either Strength Perks or Agility Perks to Level based on your Choices

2. Hoard Everything

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (2)

You can never have too much of everything (As Seen Above), even if yourstash isn't as pretty as this one is!

The Grind

The grind! When you’re scouting and exploring and surviving, it’s easy to come across and gather up everything! It’s also super fun. What happens though when you’ve progressed across the river and found the perfect spot for your base, but you can’t finish building it or upgrade your tools or armor or weapons because you’re missing things you dropped hours earlier?

The only thing worse than the dreaded grind is repeating the grind unnecessarily!

Working Smarter not Harder

Harvest anything you kill, the materials will come in handy with time and you will need all sorts of leather for making new equipment. Get the perks in Expertise to allow you to move and attack at full speed while you’re over-encumbered until you get a good location for your base. You can always reset your perks later to choose different ones after you’re established.

Extra Advice and Tricks

You can craft things like twine in your inventory and move at the same time. The same for arrows and silk out of cobwebs. It does slow you down, but if you wait until you’re done gathering to start refining these things, it can take a long time standing around doing nothing.

How it works:

  • Level up the Expertise Perks all the way first
  • Gather and keep EVERYTHING even weapons and tools and armor you loot
  • Gather and Explore at the same time!
  • Refine by hand as you’re moving

3. Upgrade Your Tools Early

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (3)

Who needs a house?! You? In that case you'll need tools (Shown Above) to make it first!

Getting Past Low Tier Tools

Harvesting as you go is all well and good, but you don’t want to spend forever gathering a little at a time. That wouldn’t be fun! If you’re like me, you want to get as much wood and stone as possible with every hit of your pickaxe! Also with the new update to Conan Exiles, the lower tier tools won’t even allow you to harvest higher tier resources at all!

Upgrading to Unlock Resources

You'll get better harvesting with better quality tools. So remember to also craft the new tools whenever you can. Steel tools will help you far more than stone tools will and are easy to get. If you put a few tool enhancements on your tools after you make them that helps too! And finally, Black Blood tools give you the best gathering rate out of all the tool types. Once you’re able to go after these and you put a nice enhancement on them, you’re set for the entire game.

Extra Advice and Tricks

If you want to get your hands on those amazing Black Blood Tools and you’re playing on the Exiled Lands main map, you can find the Black Blood needed to craft them by using a pickaxe on the Child of Jhil named bosses. Shrouded-By-Darkness, Fiend of Jhil, Nest Mother and Feasts-On-Flesh all can drop this! You can find them in Lockstone Cave, Jhil’s Roost, The Scraps, and Bin-Yakin’s Seal. If you’re looking to get your hands on Black Blood in the Isle of Siptah, you can find it on Harpies in and around the Harpy Vault. You can even get it with any tool, but it's not common. You’re able to use the best tool enhancement early on just by learning it in your feats, so go ahead and craft it and put it on every tool you have, even the lower tier ones.

How it works:

  • Use Tool Enhancement Upgrades as soon as you can for every Tier of Tool!
  • Try to change from Stone Tools to Steel Tools as soon as possible!
  • Upgrade as soon as you can! Use the Dismantling Bench to get access to rare resources you can’t harvest with lower Tier Tools yet!
  • Search for the Black Blood to make Black Blood Tools!

4. Heal Your Fall Damage

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (4)

Sometimes the best strategy when you have low health and enemies snapping at your ankles (Seen Above), is to climb back up whatever you fell off of!

A Little Damage Over Time Adds Up

The one thing Conan Exiles has in abundance is cliffs! And drops! And falls of all shapes and sizes, whether you hop skip over a boulder that’s a bit too large and hear that tell tale grunt of ouch from your character or go flailing off a plateau you didn’t realize was a plateau, they all have one thing in common. They all result in unexpected chunks of your health being lost when you land, whether your landing is graceful or not. Most of the time this is just an annoyance rather than anything fatal, until you turn around and see a boss creature eying you up like you’re a gift that fell from the sky just for it to munch on!

Heal Often

Don't forget about fall damage. It's easy to forget about it, but you can mitigate it quite easily by taking a moment to use a Rough Wrap before moving on. You don't want to get caught by a boss with less health than you should have. Sometimes it can make the difference between staying alive and just dying halfway through your trip to gather new materials.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Double Jump is a great Perk that you can pick up that will allow you to jump off of high places that would usually hurt you. You do a flip midair to slow your fall down so you land without being hurt. It can be worthwhile to pick this up if you’re like me and you have no patience for looking where you’re running all the time.

How it works:

  • Consider getting the Double Jump Perk to avoid surprise fall damage
  • Heal yourself even if you’re only missing a bit of health, constantly
  • Climb back up whatever you jumped off of or fell off of

5. Don’t Rush

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (5)

Only one of these creatures will win in a charge, (Seen Above), can you guess which one?

Don’t Get Backed Into a Corner

Every creature, boss or not, in Conan Exiles has a certain way they move and dodge. This can change if they lose enough health or get enraged, however, for the most part, if you watch what they do and circle them, you’ll pick up on their habits. Rushing to hit, getting caught defending yourself, running out of stamina, and finding yourself backed into a corner happen all too easily if you don’t stop to think about what you’re doing and learn about your enemy.

Learn Your Foe

Don't rush. Be it a dungeon or a boss fight, or even a regular mob, rushing can get you killed fairly easily. All it takes is the mob stunning you when you're low on health and you're gone. Take your time, this will also help you learn the mechanics of what you're fighting. Each creature has different fighting styles and different weaknesses.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Don’t be intimidated by the size of what you’re fighting! Just because it's larger, doesn’t mean it's harder to avoid. A lot of the time, larger bosses and creatures are ponderous in their movements and can’t target your small form well if you keep moving. Also circling around something can be done without using stamina and you can watch all of its attacks happen and make a note of how it moves with each one. Until you see an opening you can take. Finally, be patient! Once you understand a creature’s pattern, if you’re patient, it’s only a matter of time before it falls to you!

How it works:

  • Circle your opponent whenever possible, this can be done without using stamina and can avoid most attacks narrowly
  • Watch your enemy before attacking!
  • Don’t be intimidated by the size of a creature

6. Make Shelter Quickly

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (6)

Open layouts (As Seen Above) are great sometimes, until a storm rolls in! Don't get caught unprepared!

Extreme Weather Can Kill

Sandstorms can come out of nowhere when you least expect it! I’ve gotten caught in more than my fair share of sandstorms while I’m scampering around trying to survive. Enemy NPCs and hostile creatures that want to eat you get harder to fight the further into the map you go. Having a bed to respawn and having walls and a roof to block the worst of the weather will prevent you from dying quite as many times as I did when I first started out.

Make Shelter Early

Build a base of some sort before you cross the first river in the game. You can always move to a better spot later and it's not difficult to do so! Even if your base is made out of the cheapest materials, it will be better than nothing and it will prevent you from having to run down that harsh path in the desert multiple times.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Your first base should be made with the cheapest materials and give you just the basics so you can get better armor and tools and weapons. When you are ready to upgrade and need iron, that’s the perfect time to move locations!

How it works:

  • Stop and Build!
  • Use bedrolls often!
  • Don’t be afraid to use cheap materials for your first base

7. Make a Gas and Sandstorm Mask Quickly

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (7)

Normally, walking around in a sandstorm would result in a quick death, but the person (Shown Above) in this picture has the added protection of a Sandstorm Mask!

Surprise Weather and Poison Fog

Even with a base up, you’ll need to be outside of it to gather resources and sandstorms can sneak up on you despite how massive they are. Also to gather brimstone, which is a resource you’ll need a LOT of, you’ll need to be able to handle the poisonous gas clouds near it. A lot of preventable deaths are the ones that surprise you!

Make a Gas and Sandstorm Mask

Work on crafting a gas/sandstorm mask as soon as possible. It will help you survive an unexpected sandstorm and places where poisonous gas lurk. It will be one less thing to worry about and you can wear this in combination with other armor until you find armor that can give you this protection as well as provide armor for your head.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Make it as soon as you can and wear it all the time! If you need brimstone desperately but haven’t been able to make it yet, there’s a cave along the first river that’s safe to find it in.

How it works:

  • You can make this at any armorers table with steel and a regular light padding
  • Even if you don’t wear it, you should have it in your inventory to put on if you need it
  • Enjoy invulnerability!

8. Chew Ice for Heat Resistance

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (8)

Ice can save your life! Make sure you nab some ice just like the person (Shown Above), before venturing into hot areas!

Gold Mining in The Volcano

Making higher quality armor is difficult and requires a lot of resources. Some of these resources you need to figure out how to acquire them before you can even make the armor with them that protects you from the area they are in! One of these resources is gold, which you can only find in the Volcano which is far too hot to survive without some sort of Heat Resistance.

Chew on Ice

If you go to the volcano, make sure to bring a lot of ice along if you’re not able to craft armor that has heat resistance. Chewing on some ice will lower your temperature and keep you from overheating while you’re getting valuable gold and obsidian.

Extra Advice and Tricks

About a hundred and fifty ice should be more than enough to run all over the volcano and gather everything you need. But even with munching on ice, don’t forget to strip down as much as possible to help keep your temperature lower! Also be prepared for the NPCs and creatures you fight to hit pretty hard. And obsidian is very heavy! It will over-encumber you quickly if you don’t have the final Expertise Perk!

How it works:

  • Craft cold resistant armor first!
  • Mine ice near the Black Keep so you can find hot/warm spots and then run back or swim back out of the cold area until you have what you need for a volcano run
  • Have a couple hundred ice in your inventory to not run out and don’t forget to wear light armor or strip down too!

9. Hot Spots in the Frost Temple

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (9)

It might not be the Giants (Seen Above) in this picture that will kill you, but the unseen cold areas you have to go through to get to them!

Cold Spots are Lethal

Getting Cold Resistant Armor or the Temperature Resistance potions is not easy. And oftentimes, spicy foods don’t always moderate your temperature enough to protect you once you go into the depths of the Frost Temple. There are cold spots inside this place that will hurt you even if you’re actively munching on warm things.

Find a Hot Spot

There are some places in the Frost Temple that are warmer than others. If you are freezing to death look for the not as cold spots to recover your health in. Some of these spots can be found underneath the staircases and along the outside edges. Finding and knowing where these areas are can save your life if for some reason your cold resistant armor loses all its durability or your temperature resistance measures aren’t able to fight it off.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Bring lots of health potions! Even if you can’t find a warmer spot right away or get around a colder spot without it chipping away at your health, you can mitigate the cold damage as it happens if you keep on top of it.

How it works:

  • Search for warmer spots if you start taking cold damage
  • Bring lots of health potions just to be safe
  • Know that the severely cold spots are just that, spots, and near the outside of them or past them it might get warmer

10. Cold Spots in the Volcano

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (10)

As pretty as lava can be, especially at night, whenever you see golden red molten melty goodness (Seen Above), don't go near it!

Hot Spots are Lethal

If you can’t get your hands on ice, or for some reason your Heat Resistance isn’t strong enough to stand against the hotter spots in the Volcano you can still take heat damage unexpectedly. These areas are near running lava and also randomly in deeper parts of the volcano, and the only way to find them is by running into them and realizing you’re overheating.

Find a Cold Spot

If you’re overheating, try backtracking and looking for the cooler spots to recover health in. Each hotspot is just that, an area that’s hotter than the rest but it isn’t everywhere and it is possible to get past it or around it or back out of it.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Bring extra health potions just to be safe when you go to mine the volcano so you can mitigate any heat damage you take given the enemies in this area are decently hard hitting. Also don’t be afraid to strip your armor off if nothing you’re doing is stopping the heat damage. If you can’t get past a hot area, go back the way you came before you ran into it.

How it works:

  • Bring extra health potions just in case!
  • Don’t be afraid to strip!
  • Try to get out of the hot area if you encounter one by finding a cooler area, either back the way you came or past it

11. Look Before You Leap

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (11)

Even animals, like the one (Shown Above), know to be cautious of sudden drops and cliff faces and approach them carefully!


A lot of cliffs can have overhangs so when you leap off of them, the wall of rock is too far away to reach before you smash against the ground. Even if the cliff bulges back out or there’s a cliff further out on the way down that you could grab if you were closer.

Look Before You Leap

Whenever you go off a cliff, stay close to the edge so you can grab at the side of it on the way down without missing. This usually means stopping your full run to go off the edge facing the edge. It will let you navigate even the highest of drops with ease.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Stop and look before jumping! Always attempt to face what you just jumped from if you don’t know how high it is. Grabbing the cliffside and then letting go prevents you from taking fall damage. The Double Jump Perk you can get can make navigating sudden drops a lot easier if you misjudge how close the cliff is when you leap off of it.

How it works:

  • Stay close to what you jump off of and try to guide yourself back against it
  • Grab and let go on the way down to slow your fall easily
  • Consider getting the Double Jump perk to easily arrest your fall and grab onto cliff sides that are just out of reach

12. Stop Climbing to Avoid Falling

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (12)

Whether your friend makes it to the top or not, (As Seen Above), don't push yourself past your own limits if you're almost out of stamina in order to keep up!

Lack of Stamina

I have tried to climb up things so many times only to run out of stamina just barely too far away from the ledge to get up. The higher you get, the easier it is to panic like I do about not being able to make it. And once your stamina runs out completely you typically will fall to your death without being able to grab for anything to slow down or double jump to save yourself.

Stop Climbing

If you stop climbing, you stop using stamina. You can take a moment to relax and re-evaluate whether or not you’ll make it to the top of what you’re climbing, or how you can get down safely without dying.

Extra Advice and Tricks

The Double Jump perk can help with this too. But sometimes giving up on reaching the top and safely getting down again is so much better than falling to your death. Don’t be afraid to go back down and search for an easier way up once you know your stamina limits!

How it works:

  • If you are close to running out of stamina, stop climbing! You’ll stop using it
  • The Double Jump perk can help you get down from high places
  • Go back down if you can’t make it all the way up and try a different way

13. Get a Dismantler

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (13)

Hopefully, yourcrafting setup (As Seen Above) is more organized than mine!

Hard to Acquire Resources

There are some resources you just can’t get unless you get a higher tier of tool to gather it with or an armor that’s able to resist extreme temperatures. Sometimes this can be a hard stop in progression, given the areas these resources are in are dangerous until you’re protected from them adequately.

Acquire a Dismantler Early

When you can, get a dismantler. It's a lifesaver when it comes to getting new materials. If you end up going to places like The Mounds, the mobs there drop weapons that can be dismantled to star metal. It's a great source for those first star metal bars, before you can properly farm for star metal up in the snowy plains.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Every tool and weapon and armor you loot off of NPCs you can save and break down. Even if you don’t intend to use it yourself, you can still turn it into rare resources that can be used for better things.

How it works:

  • Save all your loot!
  • Dismantle everything you can dismantle!

14. Choose Perks Strategically

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (14)

It's hard not to fight to keep up with your peers, but sometimes building your stats differently can make you stronger in better ways!

Not Enough Skill Points

If you’re like me, you’ll want to get every perk! The different perks you can unlock can be useful for different situations. But you only have a limited amount of perk points, unless you get a mod that gives you more of course. So it's necessary to pick and choose which to go for. Also when it comes to corrupted versions of the perks, you can only acquire those if you already have the perk normally.

Specialize Your Perks

Don’t try to get every perk as you’re leveling up. You won’t have enough points for it. Pick either strength or agility. Also don’t be afraid to wipe your points out and fill them in differently later. When you first fill them in, they should be geared around base building and exploration. Later once you’re established, you can set yourself up for fighting and boss killing. Wiping out your Perks won’t erase your known feats. They can be reset separately.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Once you’ve gotten every perk in the chosen abilities, you will have some points left over! You can use these to get one to two perks without sacrificing your build.

How it works:

  • Pick Strength or Agility
  • Don’t be afraid to reset your perks, it doesn’t reset your knowledge feats
  • Getting Expertise early and then unlearning it to apply your perks elsewhere once you have a base is a great strategy

15. Knock Out Weak Thralls and Replace Them Later

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (15)

You can never have too many thralls! (As Seen Above), Unless, of course, there's a limit on how many you're allowed in the server you're on!

Slow Crafting

Crafting can be super slow. It can take a lot of resources and a lot of time. I don’t always have the time to wait hours for something to finally finish crafting what I need to make the next upgrade.

The Best Workforce

Try to get thralls in your benches. Capturing thralls is quite easy to do and having one in your bench will increase production and sometimes even lower the material costs of what you are making. They're easy to catch and if you're killing mobs around Sepermeru or Mounds, you'll definitely get a Truncheon that you can use to knock them out. Later, you can seek out the Tier 4 named thralls that give you unique recipes and shortcuts for getting pricey resources.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Even weak thralls will increase the crafting speed on all your benches. Don’t worry about finding specific named thralls yet. Just fill up your benches. Some thralls even provide extra functions just being there, like gathering water.

How it works:

  • Make a cheap truncheon or loot one from Sepermeru or the Mounds to knock out weak thralls so you can put them on your crafting benches
  • Don’t worry about hunting named Thralls yet

16. Fight With Thralls

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (16)

It's okay, having Thralls to fight alongside you means what you fight will focus on them (As Seen Above)! You only have to run faster than them to survive!

One is the Loneliest Number

I like to play Conan Exiles alone sometimes when my friends aren’t able to get online. Especially when it comes to dungeon crawling and taking on boss creatures. But this makes encountering harder enemies more difficult to survive. Sometimes having that one other person there to take the aggression of the creature you’re fighting off of you makes all the difference.

Tag Team With Thralls

Take a thrall with you to boss fights, they can take the aggro of whatever it is you’re fighting and even carry resources for you too. It’s easy to armor them up and give them weapons equal to what you’re using so it's essentially like two of you. And you can even have more than one following you at a time. While it's possible to make a dent in most bosses on your own, having backup just evens the chances of you surviving so much more.

Extra Advice and Tricks

There are named thralls that are better at fighting and as you level them up, they can get really good stats. If you don’t like the way a thrall turned out, try again, they may level up differently and come out stronger.

How it works:

  • Give your thrall armor and weapons and have them follow you!
  • Let them carry your heaviest resources!
  • Look for named thralls that can fight well and don’t be afraid to catch another and re-level them up if they’re not leveling the way you want them to

17. Empty Every Chest

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (17)

The trick to finding the best treasure and loot is to empty every chest, (As seen Above).

Chests Won’t Respawn

Chests in Conan Exiles won’t respawn with new items unless they are emptied fully. Which means if the person before you only took the legendary loot and left the leather behind, then you’re only getting leather. Or vice versa, if you are playing by yourself and you’ve gone through and looted all the chests and are now returning to see if new things have spawned, you’ll be disappointed if you didn’t empty those chests first.

Loot Everything

Loot everything out of any chests you find, you can always drop what you don’t need. The chests won’t respawn content unless they’re completely empty. It will make it easier to come back around and check them again for better loot later.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Use unneeded armor and tools and weapons and decor in the Dismantling Bench! This will get you the raw resources they’re made of and help you make your own upgrades and higher tier things.

How it works:

  • Pick up everything out of every chest and then drop what you don’t need or convert it in a dismantling bench
  • Come back later and see what’s new!

18. Wipe Your Knowledge Feats Regularly

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (18)

The drive to learn (Like Shown Above) all the Knowledge you can and know everything is hard to resist. But even if you unlearn a few things, you'll still be able to use what you need to use again, when you need it!

Game Performance and Lag

If you have all your feats learned, it can cause the game to lag or your inventory to take longer loading when you first log in. It can also cause loading between areas or going into and out of dungeons to take longer. And once you die, when you come back, if you don’t lose all of your inventory on death it can take a while for your inventory to come back and be accessible again.

Wipe Your Knowledge Feats Regularly

When you wipe your knowledge of the feats you know, any feats you’ve found or learned or bought will remain unlocked. So it is safe to wipe your memory without worrying about losing your progress on those. So only learn what you need, as you need it and keep your feats as empty as it is functional to increase your game performance.

Extra Advice and Tricks

You can stockpile fragments of power or tablets of power if you need extra points, the extra points you gain with these you keep as well when you wipe your feat knowledge.

How it works:

  • When you’ve finished building, unlearn the feats for building, when you’ve finished upgrading your armor or weapons, you can unlearn those
  • Only learn what you need, you don’t need to learn every religion, you’ll likely only use one
  • Unlearn your feats before going into dangerous fights or logging off so when you reload it will be faster

19. Always Have Food and Water

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (19)

Don't worry, most prey animals are oblivious when it comes to danger. Before you've shot them at least. (As Seen Above)

Starvation and Dehydration

Your hunger and thirst can sometimes be something you overlook. I know I do all the time. Either my thirst or my hunger usually starts affecting my health and flashing my screen in the most awkward time. Usually in the middle of a harsh fight. Extreme weather can make these drains faster than normal as well!

Be Prepared

Always keep a waterskin and food in your inventory as you’re traveling, you never know when you may need to eat or drink. Having a few waterskins and a few cooked meals can go a long way to helping you survive when you’re out hunting and gathering. Especially if you get into fights with the locals.

Extra Advice and Tricks

The better quality the meal, the more hunger it refills and a lot of meals have extra benefits or buffs that you can get as well. If you have to carry it around with you, then you might as well use it to enhance your stats while you’re at it!

How it works:

  • Craft a water skin and always keep it filled, as well as cook whatever meat you harvest off of your kills
  • Don’t be afraid to harvest bushes for bugs and berries if you’re desperate, they can keep you from dying in a pinch
  • Prepare food and drinks with extra buffs to make your survival easier

20. Search For The Best Armor

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (20)

Don't settle when it comes to your armor, find the best of the best! (As Seen Above)

Temperature Resistance is Lacking on Common Armors

A lot of armor in Conan Exiles does not give you extra perks or temperature resistance. So finding armor that will protect you from the elements or the surprises that you could stumble into is hard. And a lot of your deaths will come from those natural challenges, not just fighting NPCs or creatures or bosses. Even just harvesting the rarer materials in the game can be challenging without decent armor to withstand the cold or the heat.

Hunt Down Armors With Buffs

Search for armor that gives you temperature resistance, as well as sandstorm and poisonous gas resistance and other perks. The more extra benefits an armor has, the easier your game will be. It’s not all about the armor value itself when it comes to how functional an armor is altogether.

Extra Advice and Tricks

The Champion's Armor is a fantastic armor to aim for. This armor can help you out with poison and gas and sandstorm resistance as well as cripple resistance and temperature resistance and a myriad of other boosts to your stats. It's close to one of the best armors in the base game. You can find the feats for this armor in the Warmaker’s Dungeon and most bosses in this dungeon drop the armor scraps you need to make it.

How it works:

  • Look for armor with temperature resistance!
  • Look for armor with extra buffs and stat perks!

21. Find Named Thralls

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (21)

Common Thralls are helpful, but Named Thralls (As Shown Above) give you the best things if you can catch them!

Common Thralls Can’t Do Everything

Regular thralls on your crafting benches or tagging along with you on adventures will only get you so far when you start to get into the later game and the harder areas and bosses. Or when you start working with rarer resources. There comes a point where you just need someone stronger, or you need someone that can give you an alternate way to get oil that doesn’t involve trying to get it out of fish.

Find Named Thralls

Search out named thralls for your crafting benches. Different named thralls give you different bonus recipes and cheaper ways to craft expensive resources. They can be invaluable when it comes to increasing your crafting speed and helping you make or repair something legendary. They also are very good, depending on the name, when it comes to being a fighting companion.

Extra Advice and Tricks

If you’re not sure what a named thrall does you can always search the name, and the Conan Wiki is very knowledgeable with who they are and what they do and how to get the most out of them. Using the Conan Wiki to outfit your crafting benches with the best recipes and finding out where the named thrall your hunting for spawns is also super helpful.

How it works:

  • Look for named thralls when you’re out and about and don’t hesitate to catch them when you see them
  • Upgrade your Wheel of Pain and your Truncheon and Bindings so that you can convert them, given they take longer than normal thralls to convert
  • Enjoy special recipes and increased crafting speed and stronger thralls!

22. Enhance Your Weapons Strategically

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (22)

Who will win, (Seen Above), the weapon with high Armor Penetration, or the one that deals the most damage? It all depends on how armored your opponent is!

Weapon Limitations

Some of the better weapons in the game have low armor penetration. Which means that even though they hit for a lot of health damage, when you fight an armored enemy with high defense it doesn’t do that much. Or seem that effective. And the weapons that have higher armor penetration always seem to have lower damage overall. So even though your hits do more, they’re not doing as much.

Specialize Your Weapons

Every weapon can be improved, whether you choose to improve its damage value or its armor penetration. The best weapon is one with a high health damage, so you can focus on improving armor penetration to allow that damage to do its work even on tougher enemies and bosses. You can also use oils for a temporary increase to stats in combination with these enhancements.

Extra Advice and Tricks

You can find better enhancements in the Warmaker’s Dungeon by touching one of the Steles there. Don’t forget you can upgrade your tools and your armor too.

How it works:

  • Find a decent weapon or tool or armor and enhance it!
  • Make a tinker’s bench to see what you can do to improve your gear

23. Enhancements Are Permanent

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (23)

In the thick of battle, (As Seen Above), sometimes having that perfect enhancement changes the tide!

You Can’t Replace Your Enhancement

Upgrading your weapon or tool or armor is all well and good, but not only does doing so reduce the durability that tool or weapon or armor has, but it also is permanent. There’s no way to remove it and replace it with another enhancement if you enhanced the wrong thing.

Specialize and Stack Upgrades

Make sure to work on crafting and learning how to craft the best improvement before you place it on your weapons or your armor. Don’t forget you can combine oils and biles with the weapon enhancements you craft. It’s always a good idea if you want a weapon for pvp to have that is separate from the one you use on bosses and dungeons so you can focus on enhancing different aspects of it.

Extra Advice and Tricks

The Warmaker’s Dungeon allows you to learn the Master tier of upgrading your tools and weapons and armor.

How it works:

  • Carefully choose what you want to permanently enhance and have more than one of something if you need it enhanced differently later
  • Don’t use a cheaper enhancement on a higher tier weapon or tool, you can’t replace it later

24. How to Build Corrupted

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (24)

Untold power awaits those who are willing to sacrifice the most for it! (As Shown Above)

Health and Stamina Sacrifice

The more Corrupted you get the less health and stamina you have. The health and stamina loss is quite sizable and it can make you a lot weaker and tire you out easier if you’re in heated battles or need to sprint long distances or climb high things. This can make it seem like it's not a fair trade for the dark powers you get and the sacrifices you make to acquire them.

Go All The Way

If you choose to go for a Corruption Build, commit to going all the way corrupted when you need to and build around what your health and stamina are when you do. Once you are fully corrupted, that is when your corrupted skills will have the most effect and when your health and stamina will be the best they can be. Even if getting up to that point it seems like you are losing a lot. Then make sure you’re able to balance your Corruption easily, whether going 100% Corrupted, or purifying yourself quickly by a certain amount.

Extra Advice and Tricks

Don’t get intimidated by how much health and stamina you’re losing, wait until you’re fully corrupted to judge how you feel about how much health and stamina you have. The more corrupted you are, the easier it is to change your perks to corrupted versions. There’s only three stats you can change to corrupted versions.

How it works:

  • If you go Corrupted, go all the way, to truly see where you are with your health and stamina
  • Get things to help you purify yourself quickly and corrupt yourself quickly

25. Explore Mods

25 Best Conan Exiles Tips and Strategies Guide For Beginners (25)

Mods can make your game beautiful, your armor beautiful, your weapons beautiful, and enhance your enjoyment. (As Seen Above)

Game Limitations

The base game is limited in what it can do. While it is a blast to play and I’ve loved every second of playing it, I mainly use Conan Exiles for roleplaying. Which means I like armor that looks good. I like having piercings and tattoos and accessories. I like having a deeper magic system and being able to stack things more than you can in the base game. I like progression that carries past the progression in the main game and the ability to level up far past the limited level you’re stuck at once you hit level sixty in the base game.

Expand Your Horizons

Once you’ve gotten through the dungeons and main story of the game, explore mods to expand your experience. Funcom has fostered an amazing modding community and supported the creators of said mods to allow for amazing things. The ability to add in a dice system for a more DND like campaign that the entire server you’re on follows. The ability to make Tieflings and Dwarfs and Elves and all manner of fantastical creatures, coupled with enhancements to how you interact with the world make Conan Exiles unparalleled in what it can deliver once you’ve conquered the Exiled Lands!

Extra Advice and Tricks

Some of my favorite mods enhance the armor and clothes I wear, give me better tools and weapons, and allow me to use more magic than the base game has so I can get the most out of being corrupted. The workshop on Steam has a ton to choose from, but the best way to explore mods is to explore the servers that run them and then join that server and see what they have and how it works. Once you find your favorites, you can take those back to your own game and your own server.

How it works:

  • Finish the base game
  • Browse the workshop or better yet, browse for servers to play on based on your own interests
  • Join that server or try out the mod from the workshop and enjoy!

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