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Photography Career Outlook and Salary Information

Let's Talk Salary

Estimated salaries and employment projections for photographers vary according to categories of work. Fabulously wealthy fashion photographers who "shoot" runway models and covers for fashion magazines are the rare exception rather than the rule. In 2004, the median salary for salaried photographers was $26,080, with the middle half of salaried photographers earning between $18,380 and $37,370 annually. Salaried photographers are generally employed full time, and work for newspapers, magazines, or in medical and scientific fields. The income outlook for freelance, photographers is frequently less due to the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment and business related expenses. Fine arts photographers are rarely able to make a comfortable living from their work. They may do contract or freelance work to support their art, and can realize success through gallery exhibits and commissioned work.


Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that careers in photography will increase at rates consistent with average growth for the next 12 years. Photography is a competitive field, as many people are drawn to the work. Rapidly changing technology also influences your potential success. As a professional photographer, you will need to keep up with advancing technology and trends. Successful freelance photographers also need to know business skills such as accounting, record keeping, and time management. Professional photographers frequently have formal training in design and composition, photographic printing, journalism, and business.

A combination of experience, talent and education can brighten the outlook for achieving a successful career in photography.


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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