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Marketing Outlook and Salary Information

There were around 646,000 managers working in marketing, advertising, sales, and public relations in 2004, with sales managers holding nearly half of those jobs. The positions were well-distributed through different types of organization, with almost all industries requiring employees in marketing and related work areas.

The outlook for jobs in marketing through 2014 should be very good, with jobs in this sector forecast to grow above the average. There is fierce competition among businesses in both domestic and international markets, and this benefits the outlook for marketing employment. The opportunities will vary by sector, but well trained and experienced marketing specialists can expect a bright future. The Internet and E-marketing are rapidly growing components in the business strategy of many companies. Marketing specialists with strong computer and Internet skills should have a particularly good job outlook.



Marketing salary information

As at May 2004, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the following salary data for marketing-related jobs. Median annual earnings by job were:

Advertising and promotions managers $63,610

Marketing managers $87,640

Sales managers $84,220

Public relations managers $70,000


The level of salary you can expect will vary according to your experience and education. You will also find differing salary levels in different industries and locations. Salary levels for these positions are usually higher in manufacturing firms.

A survey conducted by The National Association of Colleges and Employers showed that 2005 average starting salary for marketing major graduates was $33,873. The equivalent figure for advertising majors was $31,340.


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