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Marketing is a key activity of any business. Whether you are a one-man operation, or a massive global business, you need to let people know who you are, what you sell, and why they should buy it. Billions of dollars are spent every year on marketing, advertising, sales, and promotions. This means there are many career opportunities in marketing and related fields.

Here are some of the careers your marketing ambitions might lead you to...


marketing career

Marketing manager

As a marketing manager you would evolve and monitor a marketing strategy for your organization. You would identify potential customers and geographical areas where your goods or services might sell. You would work with people in design and production to ensure that the right products were produced at the right price. You would also oversee advertising and promotional activities


Advertising manager

Advertising managers oversee the advertising and promotion of an organization’s goods or services. You might liaise with an advertising agency, or supervise creative and promotional staff in your own company. If you worked in an advertising agency, you would work with client companies to create their advertising campaigns.


Public relations manager

A career in public relations could lead you in many directions. In general you would try to get a message across to a target audience. You might present a company’s position on particular issues, deal with the press, or communicate policy within your organization. You would be fluent in many different communications media. Your work might include writing (and making) speeches, input into promotional materials, and appearing on television.


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