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Information Technology (or “ IT”) is now such an essential feature of modern life, that we could scarcely manage without it. The most frequent IT applications are computer-related, and involve the use of hardware, software, and networks to store, organize, and transmit information. You are experiencing Information Technology as you read this web page, when you shop online, when you watch computer-generated animations at the cinema – the list is endless. If you are considering a career in Information Technology, your choices will be similarly wide. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.


Information Technology Career

Systems analyst:
As a systems analyst you would use your IT expertise to ensure that organizations had the right computer systems for their needs. You might design new systems or modify existing ones. You would undertake cost-benefit analysis to ensure your company got value for money.

Computer programmer:
If you choose a career as a computer programmer, you would design, write, and test computer code. You might focus on applications, such as spreadsheets or accounting software, or systems software, which controls computers and networks.

Database manager:
Database managers use IT to organize information on computer networks, so the information can be accessed by members of the organization.


Web designer:
A career in web design will see you creating and maintaining websites for companies and the many other types of organization that use the Internet.


Almost every business, government agency, and not-for-profit organization requires Information Technology in various forms. As the technology continues to grow, the choice of careers in IT can only get even wider.


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