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It's a known fact that to get a job, you are going to need a resume at one time or another. But sometimes it's hard to know where to start, and what to include or not include.

We decided to make your life easier by offering some free downloadable resume templates. Just download the resume template of choice, fill in your own information, print it, and you're ready to go. Feel free to play around with the layout and headers as well.

Please note that all resume templates are in Rich Text Format (RTF) .


Traditional Resume Template:

This template provides the Objective, Education, Experience and Involvments. Download this template

Technical Resume Template:

This template provides the Objective, Education, Experience and also includes an area for software / technical skills under the education header. Download this template


Feel free to link to this page, but please do not link directly to the resume template files. Doing so will force us to either pull these resumes offline or something silly like that.



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