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E-Commerce Career Traits. What Kind of Person it Takes to Make it.

For every e-commerce success story, like eBay or Amazon, there are ten thousand monster flops, like To build a lasting career in e-commerce, you’ll need three things:

  • Passion about a product or a service.
  • Commitment to serving your customers well.
  • Insight into leveraging technology to make money.

In the “dot com bubble” of the last century, it seemed like anyone could register a domain name, launch an e-commerce site, and practically print money. Unfortunately, most of that money came from starry-eyed investors instead of from real customers. As with any retail store, consumers like to spend their money with retailers that provide a unique experience. Understanding your product is the key to breaking into a crowded e-commerce market and making a profit.

Instead of building an e-commerce company that only looks good on paper, focus on serving your customers better than your competition. An upstart company like movie rental site Netflix can outmuscle large, entrenched competitors like Blockbuster and Wal-Mart, simply by delivering consistent, outstanding service.

Finally, you can build a strong career in e-commerce by understanding how to get the best results from the right technology. Companies often fail by choosing the flashiest design or the most expensive equipment. Understanding how to spend the least amount of money on the right technology to serve your customers can make you and your company significant profits.

By taking advantage of educational programs that focus on the best practices of business and technology, you can launch your own e-commerce career.


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