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Counseling Career Information

A Career in Counseling

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you the first to comfort a friend who needs to talk? Are you interested in how people interact with one another, and why? A career in counseling could be for you. Counselors provide a wide variety of services within many specialized fields. Opportunities include marriage and family counseling, psychological counseling, educational, and community services counseling.

counseling career

Counselors may be licensed clinical social workers, or may have degrees in fields such as education, psychology, or organizational management. Counselors work in schools, hospitals, community service agencies, government agencies, and in various roles in business and industry. It is possible to combine multiple career goals to achieve a rewarding career in counseling. For example, a teacher may also serve as a counselor. In today's dynamic work environments, managers often take courses in counseling such as stress management, organizational behavior, and managing change.

How Do I Become a Counselor?

Training for careers in counseling is widely available. The first step is to decide what type of counseling you want to do, and the required licensing and educational requirements for your state. Many entry level counseling positions require a four year degree in social work, education, or psychology. These degrees are available through traditional colleges, online courses, and distance learning programs. Advanced careers in counseling require graduate degrees at the master's or doctorate level. Many degree programs are designed to accommodate working adults. This type of career enhancement often appeals to professionals who wish to specialize in counseling or behavioral sciences to advance their careers.


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