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Computer Programming Career Information

We are surrounded by computers, and you are almost certainly sitting in front of one right now. Without the programs that make computers work and actually do things, they would be no more than a box of wires and chips with flashing lights. This means we have a constant need for computer programmers. If you are considering a career in computer programming then you have a wide variety of jobs and employers to choose from.

The main work of a computer programmer is to write software code. This falls into two broad career categories:


computer programming career

Systems programming

Systems programmers write computer operating systems (such as Windows), systems for networks, and database management systems. These programmers usually have a wide knowledge of the system they work on.


Application programming

Applications programmers write software for word processing, accounting, inventory management, and similar programs for end users. This type of programming can be very specialized. It may also involve writing bespoke software for a client with a particular requirement.


In either case you will design, write, test, and debug software code. You may work on your own, or as part of a team, depending on the complexity of the task. You might find yourself specializing in one or more computer programming languages, such as Java, COBOL, C++, or FORTRAN.

Your computer programming career could see you working in many different types of organizations. Most programmers work in software houses but there are also opportunities to develop your career in finance, banks, education, and government agencies, to cite only a few examples.


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