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Business Career Traits

Do you have the type of personality to fit the business world? Let’s explore some traits to see if they match up.


  • Sales. If you’re outgoing and love meeting new people, a sales or marketing career may be for you. You have to put yourself out there, making presentations or cold calls to others to sell your product or service. If the thought of speaking in front of strangers in a professional setting scares you, maybe sales isn’t for you.


  • Finance and Accounting. If you loved playing “store” as a child just to count your profits, or were always good with numbers, maybe you’re headed for a career in finance or accounting. You could be a financial consultant, investment banker, or CPA, helping people with their taxes.


  • Nonprofits. If saving the world has always been your dream, then find work with a nonprofit organization This could be anything from a health-related organization, to an animal shelter, to helping the homeless get back on their feet. Making a huge salary has never been important to you, and the fast track is the furthest thing from your mind.


It’s Nothing Personal

Also remember that if and when you’re laid off or let go, it may have nothing to do with your job performance, so don’t take it personally. Maybe the division you were working in got eliminated, or the company you worked for got bought out. In the business world, everyone’s expendable, even the CEO. You’re just filling a position. If you don’t like working for someone else, start your own business. Perhaps the entrepreneur in you has just found a way to blossom.




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