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How to Begin a Career in Law Enforcement

A career in law enforcement requires significant amounts of physical training and mental preparation. Fortunately, a growing number of colleges and universities have risen to the challenge of cultivating the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Whether you are a high school student considering your long-term career options, or a working adult ready to make a major career change, a variety of law enforcement programs can help you achieve your goals.

If you already know, by the time you reach high school, that you want to pursue a career in law enforcement, you can give yourself a tremendous long-term advantage. Focus on classes in English, history, and science. By learning to write well, you can prepare yourself to deliver effective reports. A love of history can help put your role and your activities into perspective. And a focus on science can prepare you to learn today’s cutting edge law enforcement technology.

Many law enforcement professionals take advantage of military service opportunities before entering college. Military duty teaches you the mental and physical toughness required for a law enforcement career. In addition, the armed forces will often pay for your entire education in exchange for your service.

Select a college or university with a respected, accredited law enforcement program. Many top schools expose law enforcement majors to courses in criminal justice, law, psychology, and science to prepare them for the challenges of crime scenes and beat patrols. With this depth of learning, you’ll easily qualify for a top law enforcement job.


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