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Automotive Technician Career Traits

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an automotive technician, it is a good idea to note some of the personality traits and skills it will take to not only succeed in this industry, but to enjoy it as well. To work as an automotive technician, you will need to have good communication skills as you will have to both listen to and explain problems having to do with your customer’s cars. You will need to be able to express your thoughts clearly both when speaking, and when writing information down.

You will also need to be able to reason, troubleshoot, and problem solve easily. The job of an automotive technician involves following specific guidelines for inspection, being able to identify problems and review information, combine information to draw conclusions, and remember important information such as words, numbers, and procedures.

Obviously working as an automotive technician requires you to be good with tools. You will need to have knowledge of the different tools and machines that are used in automotive repair, as well as extensive knowledge of the automotive systems themselves.

Some of the personality traits that are common among those who work in the automotive industry are people who find satisfaction in achievement. If you like to see the results of your work, and get a feeling of accomplishment form your work, you may enjoy working as an automotive technician. Other personality traits include being a multi-tasker, someone who prefers to do a variety of tasks, and to be busy all the time. Another important personality trait of an automotive technician is to be a good decision-maker as often automotive technicians make the final call on any diagnosis or any repairs needed. And finally, those who work in the automotive industry are generally people who enjoy working with their hands, and who don’t mind some physical labor.


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