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Advertising Career Traits

Starting a career in advertising in today’s converging marketplace requires stamina, creativity, and a unique set of technical skills. By investing in a solid education and exposing yourself to a wide variety of cultural influences, you can help advertisers succeed at selling their products and influencing your community.

Advertising is a highly competitive industry. Advertising agencies often work for commissions and bonuses based on the success of their clients’ campaigns. Regardless of whether you find yourself working on a small campaign for a local business or a huge push for a global brand, expect to spend long hours developing strategy and execution. Successful advertising executives understand how to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Any lack of sharpness can stop or stall an otherwise successful career.

A career in advertising also requires tremendous creativity. In order to tell the right stories to an audience, advertising executives must understand the needs and wants of a target market. They must use their imaginations to role play and brainstorm. They often bounce through dozens of ideas before settling on a final campaign direction.

Along with stamina and creativity, successful advertising executives must understand the technical aspects of creating and distributing ads. Broadcast advertising specialists must think and act like movie producers. Print specialists use photography and graphic design to express their ideas. Internet advertising specialists use sophisticated software.

Most importantly, effective advertising executives must be able to execute campaigns both solo and as members of a team. If you think on your feet for long periods of time and you can get things done, a career in advertising could be right for you.


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