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Advertising Career Outlook and Salary Information

The arrival of the Internet and the fragmentation of the broadcast universe actually contribute to a positive outlook for the advertising industry. With so many businesses trying to reach so many potential customers in so many innovative ways, the advertising and marketing industry requires lots of creative, efficient minds to manage all of its traffic.

Because so many young people are attracted to the perceived glamour and fun of the advertising industry, competition for entry-level jobs can be fierce. As a result, a National Association of Colleges and Employers Survey discovered that most advertising majors earn about $31,000 in their first year of full-time work. While that number looks strong, most entry-level jobs exist in cities like New York and Chicago, where the high cost of living can negate that relatively strong salary.

However, creative and tenacious advertising professionals can earn substantial income over the course of their careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that advertising managers earned a median income of over $63,000 in their most recent survey. Although salary figures fluctuate due to commissions and bonuses, successful advertising agency directors frequently earn $100,000 or more per year.

Some advertising experts even break away from large agencies to form smaller “shops” and consulting firms. Though these soloists usually earn less than their counterparts at larger companies, they often enjoy a better work/life balance. Trading a little salary for a lot of extra free time can be a satisfying way to cap off an advertising career.


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